Friday, May 16, 2008

Aunt Flo is back . . .

I saw the return of my menses today. I had mixed emotions about it. On the one hand, I'm happy to know that I'm fertile again but on the other hand, I've got enough on my plate. One of the perks of exclusively breastfeeding is supposed to be that it delays when you get AF back but it seems that mine always returns 4 to 5 months postpartum. I have girlfriends whose kids are 13 and 14 months and no sign of AF. I guess I lucked out in that department. And so birth control/delaying my next pregnancy takes on a more serious tone. I've considered the Paraguard but honestly, the idea of having a metal thing inside me really skeeves me out. I would never do anything hormonal. With a small child, it's difficult to track my basal temperatures accurately and I know from experience that not sleeping enough makes Natural Family Planning more useful for getting pregnant than avoiding it. So, while I'm kind of glad it's back, it's not all that exciting. Add to that the fact that I'm feeling supremely bitchy and, well, there it is.


mamalove said...

Ugh, I feel your pain. AF returned at 7 weeks (!) PP while exclusively nursing. This happened w/ 3 out of my 4 children. Why couldn't I be one of the lucky ones??? haha

I am the sum of my parts said...

I am also one of those who sees AF four to five months PP. My first was nursed for only three months but the other two were exclusively breastfeeding when mine came back! As for the paraguard, I had ALL the possible concerns. I don't have the mental or physical commitment for natural family planning so I had to pick something that gave me at least some piece of mind. It's been two and a half years and still working. You have to pick what works best for you.

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