Thursday, May 1, 2008

I can't wait . . .

For Summer to come. I really am tired of cold weather. (If my dear husband was down, I'd definitely go live somewhere warmer. Like Aburi Mountain in Ghana where it is warm during the day but not too hot and there's little to no humidity and the view is breathtaking.)

Anyway . . . I was reading on one of my message boards about natural deodorants. I've been using Tom's of Maine Unscented in conjunction with a spray deodorant I make myself. Here's the recipe:

All Natural Deodorant Spray
One 4 ounce spray bottle
3 parts lemon juice
1 part water
40 drops tea tree oil
40 drops of another essential oil (to give it a nice smell--my current batch has 20 drops of lemon EO and 20 drops of ginger EO and I like it . . . it's spicy. Other combinations I've tried are cinnamon and clove EOs, rosemary and sage EOs . . . I try to stick to only two EOs for the scent--anything more and it takes on a funk of its own)

Shake it up and spray as needed. You can, of course, reduce the amounts of EO but let me tell you, after having my two kids, my armpits can really get to woofing. Any, this concoction is strong and it really works for me.

The only problem is that it doesn't last the whole day and in the summer, I definitely need to spray it one more than once daily. On the message board, someone recommended Funk Butter by Oyin Handmade. I would love to try all their products one day but right now, it's not in the budget. So I googled "deodorant creams" and found this. I'm going to be making up Kimberlily's recipe and see how it works. Who knows? Maybe this will be an all day kind of deodorant.

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