Sunday, June 8, 2008

Finally . . . two FO's

I'm so happy to say that I've finally finished two knitting projects I'd been working on. Both are for Z2, who, unfortunately, has been dealing with some kind of rash. He's been miserable for the past two days but he's coming around.

Anyway, I'm quite pleased with both completed projects. First is the Baby Surprise Jacket:
Started: 05/19/08
Completed: 06/08/08
Yarn used: Cascade 220 Hunter Green
Needles used: Size 9 24" circulars (Boye)
Purchased wood buttons at local fabric store
Cast on using provisional cast on for sleeve portions
Cast off using a crochet cast off and bordered with crab stitch
Challenges: Initially, the counting threw me off but once I understood what I was doing, it went much more smoothly. As always, seaming was a pain and I wish it could have been neater. Some small issues with the sleeve extension but otherwise . . . it was all good.
Status: Very Pleased

And secondly, just a simple wool soaker:
I used Cascade 220 again with some leftover green wool from some other project for the drawstring. It's a size medium. Rolled cuff legs. Quick, easy, and functional.

I made General Tao's Tofu on Thursday. I know I've made this before but it's been quite a while--I don't even think I was married yet. I added green and red peppers and peanuts and served over brown rice. It was a total hit--such a hit, in fact, that we had it again tonight! The sauce for this dish is really delicious and you can really pack in a lot of veggies because it is so tasty. So tonight I lightly steamed a whole heap of broccoli and peppers. Everyone enjoyed.


80sBaby70sSoul said...

I LOVE that sweater! It looks so cozy and professional. You should really start selling stuff at the next african street festival...

Chi-Chi said...

Thanks!! <3

Anaylli said...

Whoa, that sweater is adorable!! I agree with 80sbaby, it's ready for the marketplace!
Yummy dish as well :)

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