Sunday, November 2, 2008

Everybody and they mama

Is talking about the election. I have my views but I'm happy to keep them to myself. But rest assured, I'll vote and it'll be for Mr. Obama. What other real choice do I have? :)

So instead of talking about politics, I'll talk about . . . this fabulous rummage sale the boys and I hit up on Saturday. It was at a church some 20 minutes north of where I live. Even though I ended up missing my needlework group at the library, it was well worth the trip. I made out like a bandit. For less than $15, I was able to get a waterproof mattress pad for Z1's bed, a Gap fleece earflap hat, a book about vegetable gardening (basic how-to book which is great because I need to learn a lot before spring), a children's book about rainbows (the book is called What Makes a Rainbow and it was uncanny to have found this book because this week's topic in our curriculum is rainbows) about 4 different kinds of puzzles, 2 math manipulative sets, some Brio wooden tracks, and some Brio trains. Zion has been spending countless hours engrossed in his new stuff which I think is great! I felt like he was feeling too idle if he was not able to watch one of his DVDs (I felt he was watching too much and cut it down significantly). I'm so happy to see him interested and entertained by non-TV sources. I was a little disappointed that I didn't find any clothes. Actually, I really couldn't look as well as I would have liked because my allergies flared up terribly as soon as I got close to the clothes.

The church has the sale twice a year. I can't wait to go back and hopefully the next time the hubby will be able to make it!


Anonymous said...

Yikes, that was a nice sale. Yay for bargains. I went to Goodwill and guess what I found? A bread machine...I am trying it out tonight. If it works, I will be quite happy since I got it for $4.

Anyway I am on the hubby's computer since whenever I try to comment from my computer, your blog kicks me off.

Chi-Chi said...

Aww shucks . . . it's still acting funky! I thought I fixed what I thought was the problem. Maybe not.

You scored a bread machine!! Woohoo. I have a book called bread machine magic but I don't have a bread machine anymore. You want it? Let me know! Gotta go to the post office tomorrow! Have fun with your new toy!!

Just Me said...

Awesome score! You know I'm a girl that loves a bargain! I hope the boys dig there new loot. I am the mama to a huge train lover myself. Enjoy!

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