Thursday, November 13, 2008

Frivolous Spending?

Okay, being a SAHM for me means a lot of sacrifice. A lot of waiting for things. A lot of not getting things at all. Which is fine with me because I am blessed with the opportunity to stay at home with my kids, they still are well-clothed, well-fed, and well-housed (plus can have little extras like the toy trumpet Z1 wants). This is *more* important to me than all of the things I could have by working outside the home.

But there is one "fluff" thing that I really want. It's not a big ticket item like a laptop (which I dream of having one day). It's actually pretty small. It's a Coach Wristlet. Something small enough to hold my phone, keys, ID and a little bit of money. But it's sophisticated in it's function. It adds a little bit of class and elegance to something as mundane as taking the kids to the playground or going grocery shopping. Of course, practically speaking, I won't be getting it. Especially if I want to get this sports bra to get my workout on (which is indeed a necessity). But it's nice to look at. Drool over.

I'm glad that I'm at a point in my life where I can easily distinguish between needs and wants. It's taken me a while to get here and sometimes I do give in to my wants but 99% of the time, I'm a disciplined spender. Frivolous spending just can't factor into my life at this point if I want to stay true to my priority of taking care of my children 100% of the time.

Maybe I'll put away a little each month to get the dang wristlet. Maybe. ;)


OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Check e-bay! I know that isn't helping. *lol*


Just Me said...

Oh! I like the new look of the blog, lady! What about sewing up a knockoff coach wristlet? I bet you can. Check out they have tons of tuts. Your's will be so much better than any old coach one!

80sBaby70sSoul said...

I feel you! I am a coach fanatic and its actually about time for a new purse but I will refrain until I get a damn job. But girl, please don;t go to ebay. You won't be able to tell if its real or not!

Chi-Chi said...

My sister lucked out and got an authentic Coach clutch on ebay for $26. Everyone I follow goes up to almost the full asking price. I'm like, "Who are these idiots bidding and driving the price up?" LoL.

Oh, Just Me, you are a fellow crafty person. Girl, you know I've got about 10 projects waiting in the wings. Why, oh why, would you suggest one more?!? LoL . . good idea though and while I wasn't planning on whipping out my ancient sewing machine, I did have a pretty nice, durable yarn picked out to crochet one. But, eh, I'd like a Coach! LoL.

@Nya, good point girl. I'd rock a knock off if I could get it for $15 but that's the risk with ebay . .. are you paying the price for authentic or for a good looking fake!

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