Monday, November 17, 2008

Getting your side hustle on . . .

I'm constantly trying to find ways to augment our household income that don't take too much time away from my babies. I hate feeling like I'm neglecting them just to make a couple of bucks. I also need time at some point in the day to decompress so I know I don't want to do any work that eats away at what little free time I have.

One way of making extra that I find extremely compatible with being a stay-at-home mom is my baking. Now, I made a go of the home baking business way before Z2 was born with meager results. I'm encouraged now to keep at it especially since recently I've received a number of orders. It's the best way to make money for me because I enjoy it and because I can do it while fully engaged with my babies.

Z2 is young right now and requires a lot of me but I have some ideas about making Chi's Cakes and Cookies a profitable enterprise while I stay at home. Z2 will be one in December and I know that once children hit that one year mark (closer to 15 months), you as a mother can do so much more. And so I'm looking forward to picking up more business. I made the investment in equipment a while ago so I'm taking time now to plan, plan, plan to see if I could bring in some extra. Any extra helps. And if that extra doesn't cause the household complete upheaval (which in that case I might as well go back to teaching), I'm all for it.

I just wonder what angle to push Vegan? Healthier? Homemade? All of the above? None of the above? To label something as "vegan" and "healthier" sometimes gives people the idea that it's just nasty. LoL. Homemade . . . aren't people afraid of things made at home? Ahhh . . . I understand why marketing is so crucial. :)

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