Friday, December 19, 2008

There is Enough for Everyone

Today is Friday and so I was thinking of what music I was going to share today. The song I want to share is from an album called Nemozian Rasta by my favorite reggae band Midnite. The title of the song is "Enough for Everyone". I scoured the web trying to find it but I couldn't.

I wanted to share the song because of what I meditated on this morning.

So many of us on this earth have a scarcity mentality. We don't believe that there is enough for everyone. This belief manifests in a number of ways. Some of us hoard things. Some of us are stingy. Some of us are greedy. Some will pillage, rape, kill to make sure that we have. Even that we have over and above what they need. Others of us grow accustomed to going without. To being the victim of someone else's greed. We get used to being the "have nots" and get comfortable accepting a handout, stuff that's free "with strings attached" because deep inside we feel the only way we can have is if someone who has feels compassion for us.

But it's a lie. It is a lie that there are limited resources for an unlimited amount of people. There is enough for everyone. If we would disabuse ourselves of a scarcity mentality we'd open ourselves up to divine inspiration, we'd reconnect to the Source, Jah. In Jah, everything is possible. There is no lack. For me, Jah is manifested in us (if we choose to acknowledge and live up to it) but also, and very importantly, in nature and in the Earth.

When we are trapped in scarcity (or poverty) mentality, our energy is too tied up in making that scarcity/poverty the reality. The Buddha once said, "With our thoughts we make the world." It's not an exaggeration or some philosophical mumbo jumbo. It's true. When our mind is consumed with scarcity, we forget to find our balance, to connect, to get in tune with Jah and therefore the Earth. Getting what we need to survive (even if we are not 100% clear about what we actually need to survive--because you will indeed survive without that new flat-panel HDTV) takes on such an urgency and such a desperation that we can't see clearly. But the Earth will always give us what we need if we would just work in balance with it.

Extracting thousands upon thousands of barrels of oil is not balance. Throwing away tons of garbage that won't bio-degrade is not balance. Sending all manner or pollution and waste into our atmosphere is not balance. Depositing techno junk into outer space is not balance. Forcing the earth to produce food using chemical fertilizers and pesticides is not balance. Pouring raw waste and sewage into our lakes, rivers, oceans is not balance. Hoarding grain and food in barns to manipulate the market price of food while people literally starve to death is not balance. Giving ourselves all kinds of chemical medications and other pharmaceuticals to mask and alleviate the symptoms of our illness is not balance. Spending trillions of dollars on warmongering while babies die of diseases whose cure is simple, basic, cheap water purification is not balance.

We, the race of humans, are in serious trouble. We are out of balance.

But not to worry. Everything seeks equilibrium. Pendulums swing back. And then forth. Balance will be restored. The Earth will heal herself.

We decide now whether we want to be a part of that healing (after all, we have done the damage) or if in the Earth's process of healing, we will be the illness that is purged.

Right now, it seems like there is not enough for everyone. People are losing their jobs and can't feed their families. All indicators say we are in another depression. Some say that our way of life is going to change so drastically that we will not even be able to believe that we used to live the way we did. I don't know. But what I do know is that everything seeks equilibrium. And we have a choice to make.

There is a chant that I&I often chant at Nyabinghi Ises
Two roads before you
Make your choice
Two roads before you
Make your choice
Two roads before you
Make your choice
For there is hell and there is zion
Make your choice

Both hell and zion (heaven) can be found here on Earth. This place can be either hell or zion!! I do believe with all my heart that there is enough for everyone. But we have to make a choice. Right now.

Changing one's way of thinking is not an easy task. But once we achieve it, everything else comes easily.

Let us remake our world while we still have some say in the matter.


Revvy Rev said...

Sooo True!

Melissa B. said...

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Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

Excellent post. We're on the same page, Chi-Chi; I've been pondering the same thing for years: " if in the Earth's process of healing, we will be the illness that is purged?"

I also think a lot of what's going on in the economy is deliberate...

Kit (Keep It Trill) said...

BTW, I love your blog. Just blogrolled you and will be back.

~ Kit

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