Friday, December 12, 2008

Tweaking the Beauty Regimen

For me, simple is best. I know the best beauty regimen is eating well, drinking lots of water and getting plenty of sleep. I try to do these things as best I can but, of course, there is always room for improvement.

Anyway . . . I decided a few weeks ago that the facial care routine I'd been using before having kids (and that was working well) just was not cutting it anymore. So I tried honey as a cleanser and that seemed to not work well enough to cleanse my skin, i.e. breakout central. Now I'm trying Noxzema--the old school white stuff. Far from natural, I know but it seems to be doing the trick. I wash with the Noxzema morning and night, tone with diluted apple cider vinegar, wet my hands a little and mix in about 4 drops of jojoba oil for a moisturizer. I wake up with glowing skin. Most of the time blemish free. I'm going to keep it up for a few more weeks to see how it goes. The next thing to try is cleansing with oil. I'm a little nervous to try anything else since what I'm doing now seems to work but I will try it after the jar of Noxzema is done. If it works equally as well, I'll stick with it. I really prefer the natural stuff.

I'm employing another far-from-natural product on my hair: Murray's Pomade. Since my hair is quite short right now there's not that many styling options. So what I've been doing is to wash my hair twice a week and apply Murray's Pomade daily. The stuff is t.h.i.c.k. and it generates serious heat in your hands while you rub them together to make it soft enough to put on your hair. I then brush with a boar bristle brush and put on a silk scarf. This gives my hair a sheen and a soft wave without it being oily and gunky (like with gel). It looks polished and refined, I think. Cute. If I could find a way to achieve the look naturally, that would be fabulous but most folks I know agree that Murray's Pomade is the way to go.

As for my dry winter skin, I have found that Eucerin does not do a darn thing. It kind of just rests on the skin and then gets rubbed off by my clothes. What has been working is mixing body butter (I just mix pure shea butter with a little olive oil to soften it) and Trader Joe's Moisturizing Cream. TJ's stuff is not tested on animals and contains no mineral oil although it does boast a long list of ingredients some of which I don't recognize. What I need to look for now is a really good hand salve because since I use my hands so much and wash them so often, they are cracking and peeling like nobody's business. I think Burt's Bees makes one.

Anyway, as you get to be a grown woman you find that your body (mind and soul, for that matter) need different things. Every part. It's not always fun trying to figure out what it needs but it's very nice and very satisfying once you do.


poetrystruth said...

Just found your blog this morning. Hello to you.

If you're looking for natural products for hair and body may I suggest pure shea butter for your skin and hair.

Rosehip oil is wonderful for the face a little goes a long way.

I use Dr. Bronner's peppermint castille soap for my face as well.

I also have a neem and tea tree oil bar of soap that is made by a lady named Ida (can't think of the site, but if you google her name and homemade soap it pops up)

When I break out REALLY bad I use neutrogena and I put just a little tea tree oil on my worst spots.

Chi-Chi said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog poetrystruth!

The beauty routine I'm am abandoning in search of a new one is washing with diluted Dr. Bronners (1:5) Tea Tree soap and following up with pure shea butter. I've had to leave shea butter alone for my hair to see if that's what may be causing my hair to break and to see if that's what's causing my skin to be so dry. I really enjoyed the simplicity of my old facial routine.

I will search for the soap although I'm not sure if soap is what my skin needs anymore. More like moisturizing cleansers nowadays.

It was a toss up between Neutrogena and Noxzema. LoL . . . Thanks for your suggestions!! :)

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