Thursday, December 18, 2008

Up at Five

So as usual, I woke up at 5. When I woke up, my head felt funny. You know, like I needed to go back to sleep. But today is Thursday. The boys have a program to go to and they have to be there by 10. It's about a twenty minute drive too so in order to get them in the car, there, out the car and into the building on time, I have to leave at about 9:15. Which means that I have to shower before they wake up.

They generally wake up at 7. So in these two hours I would like to:
1. journal and meditate and chant
2. blog and read blogs
3. check my e-mail/respond to e-mail
4. stretch and exercise
5. knit or crochet something
6. finish my book

Now, really, I could spend two on any one of these activities if I really wanted to. But instead I'm trying to make these 2 hours magically accommodate all of that. And yo, it is stressing me out. And that's stupid as all get out. No matter what, something has to give.

And yesterday, Z2 woke up at 6:30.

I keep saying to myself, "Chi-Chi, you don't want to lie to yourself by saying you're going to work out" and willing Blogger to hurry the hell up. But I have not been honest with myself. Look, I have 6 things on the damn list to do, all important to me. How do I choose what?

Anyway, I finished knitting a hat yesterday. The yarn is fabulous. Rowan Cocoon, a merino wool and kid mohair blend. Supposed to look like this. The hat looks absolutely ridiculous on my head. Instead of feeling just a bit disappointed, I'm actually angry that I wasted practically my whole 1 1/2 hours yesterday plugging away at it trying to finish it. Anyway, here it is. I ran out of the tan yarn and used a creme one that I had in my stash to complete the top. It actually didn't look so bad on my niece and it's very, very warm. Sorry for the crap pictures.

It's just not healthy. Maybe I should have just stayed in bed.

Oh, and then to top it all off, on the computer screen, the hubby tapes a note: "Hey Chi-Chi, I need some food to bring to the office party today."

No words.


Anonymous said...

Girl, you are good! I wake up every morning now at 4:40, but rarely ever get up. I lay there listening to NPR until I fall back asleep.

I think the hat looks cute by the way.

tifi said...

The hat is cute! I made the same one for my mom last year:

Anonymous said...

lol - Did you leave another note saying "there is good in the refrigerator and a stove" ?


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