Monday, December 1, 2008


Z1 is a funny little dude. He's challenging at times because he's 3 and reasoning with him is often an exercise in futility. Case in point: I was putting the boys down to bed last night and he decided he wanted to blow bubbles (my friend bought him a little spill-less bubble thing so he's free to blow bubbles and I don't have to worry about the solution being all over the floor). Well, I explained to him that Z2 was very cranky and it was time for bed. He just kept repeating over and over again, "I want to blow bubbles" and I kept repeating what I was saying until I realized how pointless it was and stopped talking. Eventually, he just got into bed.

But what makes Z1 funny and brilliant are the things he says. Yesterday, it was snowing lightly outside. I said, "Z1, isn't it beautiful?" He said, "Yes, mom, it's boofillool. I going to go outside to ice skate." I was rolling. I made him repeat "beautiful" about 3 or 4 times. It's funny because he has no idea why I was laughing so hard and I was just thrilled that he made the connection between snow and ice skating.

A few weeks ago he's doing some silliness and me and my niece say, "Z1, you're so hilarious." He gets this stern look on his face, points with his finger and says, "I not hilarious . . . I serious." Oh, really now? No, son, you are indeed hilarious.

Two days or so ago he says, "I am angry indeed" although by now I'm pretty sure he doesn't have a good idea of what it means to be angry. And yesterday, since he woke up with a cough, he asked for coffee. Of course.

I think the Z1-ism that tickles me the most is when a few months ago he says, "Don't touch my two head" and I'm like, "Oh gosh, what is a two-head?" If you know 3 year olds, you know that you not being able to understand them can turn into an all-out meltdown. So I'm racking my brain trying to figure out what he's talking about. Then it hits me! His "two-head" is his "forehead" (you know, like four-head) and I learned that he doesn't liked to be kissed on his two-head. Only on his cheeks.

Look, Z1 is a strong boy with a big personality. Since I gave birth to him I knew that. He keeps me in stitches. He also frustrates me a lot (his standard response to any request I make is a curt "No!"). But he is a huge joy. He also surprises me a great deal with his insight and ability to observe. I enjoy both of my boys immensely. What a blessing they are!


I am the sum of my parts said...

Hey Love, they are indeed blessings. I am often frustrated by my crew - especially when I'm in the midst of cooking, cleaning and studying (simultaneously) and like the sound of a car crash in the dead of the night, I hear, "don't touch me!", It's mine!" or the sound of one child hitting the floor by way of a sibling. All these moments that make me want to stick a for sale sign on their foreheads are diminished by the occasional, "mommy you're beautiful" or some seemingly beyond their years statement that causes me to laugh. I sometimes think what my life would be without them.... I'm glad I don't have to know.

DeStouet said...

LOL! I can totally youngest child is two (a boy) and he keeps everyone in the house in stitches.

What I can totally agree with is how hard a mother must work to understand their child, or else....

I honestly try to ALWAYS figure out what my son is talking about, especially while he is so young because he knows how to make life hell for me.


Miriam said...

I love kids stories! I can totally relate. Kids are the joy of life. said...


That is soooo funny!



Anonymous said...

I swear that aside from the irrational anger (tantrums) that 3 is one of my favorite ages.

LOL @ I serious, sounds like something my girl would say.

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