Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More on teas . . .

Perhaps the best way to reap the benefits of medicinal herbs is through teas. Tinctures are great too and a convenient way to take herbs for those of us who are sensitive to taste, i.e. picky but it's true that tea is the easiest way for your body to make use of beneficial herbs. This book, 20,000 Secrets of Teas by Victoria Zak is a great resource.

From the book:
  • sage tea in the middle of the afternoon will make you fell like your day is just beginning
  • peppermint tea eases pain, headaches, and is a general cure all (I can personally vouch for that)
  • rosemary tea on your scalp can help stimulate hair growth (and soothe your scalp--I can vouch for that too)
  • thyme tea, considered the most powerful antiseptic herb, helps to heal infections, infectious diseases, and septic conditions (and when paired with raw honey makes a fabulous and seriously effective cough syrup)
  • chamomile in your bath (or on your eyes with a soaked washcloth) will totally relax and do wonder for your skin
When I was pregnant, I would make iced raspberry leaf tea. Raspberry leaf is a powerful uterine toner and I believe it helped tremendously with both births. For morning sickness, tea made from freshly grated ginger multiple times a day was my savior. I still can't believe how effective thyme tea is for breaking up coughs.*

I'm on a quest to perfect health, working through my own health issues and bodily weaknesses. For a long time, I've neglected this book. There's a small shop nearby (owned by a sista) that sells a large variety of organic dried herbs. I will be reading this book, taking notes, and making a visit to her store.

I'm happy I was moved to talk about teas yesterday because I was reminded of what a great book it is. I'm also reminded that everything happens for a purpose. There I was yesterday feeling blue because of the snow so I made some tea. Z2 was sleeping so I blogged about the tea. Then I was reminded of my book.

I'm going to be trying out different teas over time and I'll certainly share the benefits I am receiving from drinking them.

*I first learned of thyme tea for coughs from Gentle Healing for Baby and Child by Andrea Candee. This is another must-have book for those interested in natural ways to help children heal injury and illness. This book alongside Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child have been so invaluable to me. I will probably do more in-depth reviews of these books eventually but I highly recommend them.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, I am going to see if if can find the Gentle Healing book, used.

Anonymous said...

I need 20,000 secrets too.

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