Friday, February 6, 2009

Randomness . . .

. . . To avoid blogging about something that will take some time and thought.

This morning I tried to do Billy's Bootcamp Live. It was . . . frenetic. Billy moved from one step to the next so quickly and, honestly, I don't have enough space in my living room to do everything comfortably. Not to mention, you need the special Billy Bands to do a large portion of it. I had hoped there would be some modification and I even tried to use weights--no go. I didn't finish the DVD. Any workout that requires some kind of specialized equipment won't really work for me. I don't have the space or the extra money. I also felt weakness/bordering on pain in my knees (from the jumping jacks yesterday, no doubt ) and so I'm glad that tomorrow is yoga and not aerobics. I need the break. But, I'm proud of myself--I still exercised today using Denise Austin's Blast Away 10 Lbs. I did the second workout, the interval with weights, because it is much more low impact than the first interval on the tape. So, Billy's Bootcamp is out and I don't even know if I want to try another one of his. Frenetic!!
It took a lot for me to start up eating fish again. I really, really believe that I shouldn't kill things to eat especially if I don't have to but I figured I was sacrificing my health for ideals and that I should try and see if it would correct some of the issues I'd been experiencing. It's almost been a year since I started eating fish again and I have noticed no improvement. I'm ready to cut it out again but I won't say permanently. I do realize that because I am eating fish, I am naturally eating less carbohydrates so if fish comes out, I have to be especially mindful of that. Also, I started Z1 on fish too (he goes mainly for fish sticks) and it's one of the few foods he likes and will request. I would have to think of a replacement.
I was running out of yarn for Emma's Sweater that I'm knitting. I found a cheap source online for more matching yarn and I now have enough to complete the project although I've lost momentum. In the meantime, I've been using some really rough wool I have in my stash to make a yoga mat bag. I got it at a thrift store with my sister-in-law well over three years ago. Initially I thought it was hemp but after washing it, it felted and so I knew it was wool. It was spun onto a cone and has little twigs and stuff woven into it--rough. But it's what I've got and it's strong, durable, natural fiber yarn. I was going to use an intricate stitch pattern, but who was I fooling? When the boys are awake (usually when I knit or crochet), I can't focus enough to do anything complex. So I'm doing a basic pattern with little bobbles to make it a little more interesting. I should be done soon.
Anyway, we're in the midst of a deep freeze and emotionally I'm feeling it deeply. I wish the sun would come out or I could go somewhere warm so I could feel better.
Snow on Ice by Photobunny on Flickr

It is so cold outside. Brrrr . . .

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Just Me said...

I hear you about Billy...I tried to do his stuff and I just found it...well, frenetic like you said. Thank goodness there's so many choices out there. I really like the Walk Away the Pounds series. You don't really need special equipment (although she has programs where you use bands or hand weights, but she'll tell you that you can modify).
Oh...and the cold and dreary weather is bringing me down too...I don't even feel like getting dressed today. Here's to some sunshine soon.
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