Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Baked Falafel Balls & Trying Out Tae Bo Again

I really like falafel but attempts to make the dish at home have been frustrating to say the least. I don't have a deep fryer and frying in a pan is a royal pain--not to mention the mess it makes. It's so annoying that I rarely make falafel. So I was intrigued when my sistren spoke about baked falafel balls from The Whole Foods Market Cookbook. I borrowed the book from the library and the first recipe is the baked falafel balls (this is the exact recipe in the book). I followed the recipe word for word [except I didn't have cilantro (not too fond of the taste) and used dried parsley]. The balls came out really well and I think we'll be having lots more falafel around here. I have some tweaks for next time, though. First off, I would punch up the spices and add a tad bit more salt than I did. They were kind of dry too so I would sweat the onions and garlic in a bit more olive oil (about 3 tablespoons instead of 1). We always eat falafel with ketchup so I didn't attempt any tahini/yogurt sauce (there's a vegan recipe from Tofu Cookery that I sometimes make but we're cool with ketchup). To eat them, we put them in mini whole wheat pita bread from Trader Joe's, put ketchup on and then stuff the pita with mixed greens. Really delicious. They were gone in minutest. These falafel would actually make really good burgers. Those falafel in the picture are not my falafel although mine looked pretty similar. The photo is by Sharon123 on recipezaar.com . . . I really need to make a little more effort to take pictures. LoL.
On to Tae Bo . . . I gave Billy Blanks' Tae Bo another shot this morning and did Billy Blanks' Tae Bo Cardio. Not bad. It wasn't as frenetic as the other one I tried but I didn't feel like my heart rate got high enough for long enough. I felt it was more of a strenghtening type workout than cardio. Even though some of the participants were sweating profusely, I was sweating as much as when I vacuum with Z2 on my back in the carrier, i.e. not much. So I would say this workout is pretty much for the beginner. Also, I wish Mr. Blanks would realize that I am seeing a mirror image of him doing what he's doing, in other words, he needs to do the opposite of what he's telling me to do. And that counting? It really is annoying. But it's a solid workout . . . a nice little change in the routine.

You know, I'm so proud to say I'm no longer a beginner. Denise Austin's Blast Away 10 Lbs. is really becoming a breeze these days--I can think about lots of other things while doing the workout. And since I'm getting up naturally at 4:30 these days . . . My sistren who recommended the falafel also uses Power90X and recommends it (isn't she such a resourceful and useful sistren!?!). I don't know if I actually have the time to do this and I still enjoy my other workout DVDS and doing my yoga. But it's something I'm thinking about.

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