Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Refuse to Be a Victim Seminar

The hubby is anti-firearms, i.e. he doesn't want me to get a gun, doesn't want a gun in the house. I do. I want one and I want to learn to use one very well. I believe when children are young, you keep the firearm 100% out of their reach. As they get older and can understand a bit more and get the concept of death, you explain to them what it is.

Anyway, there are other means of self-defense and while I'm not really interested in taking a formal martial arts class, something really appealed to me. It's the "Refuse to Be a Victim" Seminar offered by the NRA which I discovered after following the link on the post "Somebody is Killing Black Mothers and Daughters" on the blog What About Our Daughters. I've already found the closest seminar to me and it seems like it is an ongoing thing. It's very reasonable price-wise too. Well, my emergency preparation goals this week include finding out the schedule and signing up. I still think a firearm has its place but I'm hoping this class will give me confidence in my ability to defend myself and my babies since so often it's just me and them.

I believe in self-defense and self-love. To me, self-defense and self-love go hand-in-hand. Yes, I'm all about peace and harmony. But you can't practice peace and harmony if you're dead. And in these difficult times, I know we'll start to see more and more acts of desperation, sometimes violent. It only makes sense to learn how to keep you and yours safe.

How do you feel about firearms? Self-defense classes? Home security systems? Etc . . . ?


Anonymous said...

I must admit I am like your hubby, I am pretty anti-gun. I feel that in most cases its simply a bad idea and as a person with a real bad temper, I cam say there are times that in the past if I had owned a gun, well I wouldn't be typing this.

That said, I see no problem with taking a self defense class.

Anonymous said...

I would like to get one and learn how to use it. I believe in protecting my family. As, you put it, self love and self defense. I have always been appalled when police ask people with legal guns to turn them in, the inner cities. When people in many suburbs and rural areas have gun racks, shelves, and closets.

There are children in America who have been shooting small animals under the age of 10. And Im suppose to be sitting here with nothing?

Anonymous said...

Chi-Chi, I am down with owning weapons for home self defense. First off my belief is we should all learn and practice some form of martial art be it Judo, Karate, Capoeira or some form of Kung fu. The best home alarm system is a dog, the best dogs for family protection are of the shepard family. But, if this is not feasable then a home alarm system is good. I am pro gun/weapon period. My queen, like your kingman didn't want them in the house, however I insisted and do have them. We cannot always wait for the police.

Lorrie Streeter said...

It is a sad state of affairs when we have to resort to violence in order to protect ourselves from violence.

I am definitely in the anti-gun group. Self protection is a must these days but I question the validity of having a gun of any sort around the house. We do have a dog and an alarm system. They both seem a little more sensible and a lot less dangerous to me but we are fortunate to live in a quiet, fairly safe neighborhood.

Miriam said...

What about like the biblical Yael; she used whatever as a weapon.

I wish I could learn stick fighting.

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