Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sizing Up

So now that winter is drawing to a close is the perfect time for me to start getting the clothes Z1 will wear next fall and winter (he's pretty much set for summer when his wardrobe mainly consists of t-shirts and jeans/shorts). Right now, he's 3 1/2 and wears a 4T. I'm guessing by the time he's 4+ he'll be in a 5T/6 (small). So I'm scouring various thrift stores on half-off days and other sale days and getting some really good deals on quality shirts and pants for him. I have to take down some of his old clothes I have in storage to make sure that Z2 is good to go for this summer and next winter. Z2 was born in the winter while Z1 was a summer baby so sometimes I have to plug some holes in Z2's wardrobe. This winter, thankfully, that just meant a few more underclothes (long johns, undershirts and socks). Since I enjoy shopping the thrift stores, this is a great activity for me. This past Saturday I found a Land's End Turtle neck for him and before that on Wednesday, three pairs of cargo pants--I think I spent about $6. I hope to keep doing the thrift store thing and also to find some great things at the upcoming rummage sales at various churches in the county as well as yard sales (will be looking at Craig's List for announcements).

My preparation plan for this week is two-fold. First, I need to get the rest of the supplies I need for canning Although I have religiously avoided WalMart, I really can't seem to find any other local place where I can get all my supplies. I will keep looking though. What I'm hoping is that I score something big at a rummage or yard sale in terms of canning supplies but also yarn and needles and stuff. Secondly, I need to figure out how to shut off the gas, electric and water to the house. Okay, our basement is unfinished and it is basically dusty, dark, and otherwise spooky. I only go down there to do laundry. Occasionally, I have to go down there to fiddle with the boiler if it's cut off or the fuse box if one blows. I do this as quickly as I can and then run back upstairs. Anywho . . .found this: Utility Shut Off and Safety. Now I have to physically go down there with the hubby and locate these things.

I'm still plodding away at my first attempt at sock knitting. If I can put some time into it, I should be finished sock one in a day or two.

Yesterday we started our plants. The last frost date is around April 15 and so hopefully we'll be out there soon. I'm as excited as a little kid and I'm a bit surprised. We're starting this garden for very practical reasons but it is still fun. I'm reading lots of books and learning the ins and outs. I don't know if I'll ever be a master gardener but so far, it's good. I really want to do some flowers/herbs too but I don't want to get overly ambitious. One step at a time. I'll post a picture of how everything looks soon and give a detailed list of the plants we'll be trying for.

Just a small update on what I'm doing. :)



Freecycle is a great place to get free kids clothes, Also for canning jars you could make a post on frrecyc;e or craigslist, ask and you shall receive. Call around and fishing and hunting stores

DeStouet said... is GREAT! I've been a member for about three years now.

Chi-Chi, The Original Wombman said...

Rawlicious and DeStouet, thanks!! I actually got my canning jars on Freecycle (and a whole lot of other stuff too). Don't know why I didn't think to ask for the clothes though . . . I did though. Hopefully we can get some great stuff! :)

Just Me said...

Oh my goodness, we should seriously talk...I have two boys. They are growing out of 5/6 right now. I've just been donating stuff on freecycle and goodwill. Let me know. I'm actually getting ready to clean out their closet in prep. for what they will need for spring/summer.

Miriam said...

Chi-chi- is canning to learn.

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