Friday, April 24, 2009

He's a Biter!!!

Z2 is a biter and it is just so unnerving. Everywhere we go I spend the whole time chasing him around to make sure he doesn't sink his teeth into some unsuspecting little person. It's not malicious. Not always. I mean, if you take something he's playing with, he will try to bite you. Z1 knows this firsthand and all too well. But most of the time, biting is part of some bear hug, "I'm trying to be your friend" ritual. I can't wait till this stage is through!

I am continually taken by how different children, even children with the same father and mother, can be. Our issue with Z1 was that he didn't bite enough. He would swallow chunks of food whole and we'd have great fun identifying things in his diaper. Z2 on the other hand chews everything thoroughly. Z1 was reserved and took a long time to warm up to other kids. Z2, though, will walk right up and . . . bite. Z2 is adventurous and climbs thing with little to no regard as to what might happen should he lose his footing. Z1 has always been extremely cautious with himself and although he injures himself from time to time, it's more so because he's not watching his step not because he's willfully being daring.

Anyway, we've dubbed Z2 "Little Chomper". He's still too cute.

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Miriam said...

Hi Chi-chi,

Not sure if my baby will be a biter yet; he only has one tooth. But he sure makes it hard to nurse!

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