Sunday, July 19, 2009

If you're a thrifter . . .

Don't you hate when you see something in the thrift store (or yard/rummage sale) and *know* you should get it but convince yourself not to, saying that it's not priced low enough or you don't really need it? Only to get home and realize it was priced to sell. Quickly. And that you really do need it? Have you ever driven back in hopes that no one else saw it and you could pick it up? Only to find that it is long gone? And then grudgingly admit that you knew it would be?

Well, that was me. Thursday at the thrift store I saw a set of 5 pound hand weights/dumbbells for $5. I convinced myself that it wasn't really worth it especially since I could probably configure the hubby's free weights and come up with 5 pounds (he has the weight bar and weights that you can interchange). Well. I came up with 4.5 pounds. I came up with 6 pounds. But I just couldn't come up with 5 pounds. Dang it!!! Saturday, first chance I got, I was back at the thrift store hoping and praying.

Yeah, right!!!

So I just bought two 5-pound dumbbells from Target. For $6.99 EACH. Dang it!! At least I know that weights last forever. Little consolation. (((insert kicking self in butt smiley here)))


Sabrina said...

I know! I've learned from years of thrifting, if it looks good to you...get it. I missed out today on a really nice wicker trunk because I couldn't think where it would fit. I kept walking past it until I finally saw a lady checking out with it. Oh well, I probably didn't need it anyway, lol.

tifi said...

I hate when that happens!

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