Monday, September 7, 2009

Do people still use computers?

It seems like these days, all the things people used to do on computers, they now do on their Blackberries or other similar devices. Texting is the only way some people seem to be able to communicate effectively and for a pre-paid cell phone user like myself, it's annoying. Not to mention I feel like I got left back technology wise.

In addition, we don't currently have cable which makes for very little to watch on television. The hubby is quite pleased with his Netflix because he's a huge movie watcher. Me, on the other hand, I like to watch the Food Network, HGTV, and DIY Network primarily so Netflix isn't really doing much for me.

So sitting around thinking of ways we could cut costs or at least keep them the same while still having internet access, some cable and up-to-date cell phonery. I'm drawing a blank. Right now, we're paying about $75 for home phone and internet service. The hubby put $50 on his cell phone about three months ago and still has a ton of minutes left. I put $100 on mine around the same time and I'm still rocking with them although I use my phone much more than the hubby to coordinate playdates and such. You really can't beat that in terms of frugality. So, I think we'll just have keep things the way they are. (((Sigh))) Folks keep talking about getting rid of their home phone service and saving money that way . . . but I don't see how. I must be missing something somehow.

Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend! Now back to work!!


Sabrina @ my little slice of pie said...

I'm one of those people that keeps thinking about getting rid of their land line. We all have cell phones w/data plans, plus a bunch of computers, and all the cable channels. I have to admit we are heavy on the entertainment factor at my house, it'll never be an area I look to to save in since we use and enjoy it all too much.

Anonymous said...

I still use my computer, I do have a Blackberry but truthfully aside from being able to check Facebook or email and the calendar feature, I am not that big on it.

On days when I am on the road with work it simplifies my life greatly so I am not tethered to the computer but hands down I prefer the computer. How anyone can type anything of substance on a Blackberry or IPhone is beyond makes my fingers cramp if I type too much on it.

I only think a cell phone is cheaper if you have a contract deal and even then its questionable. For home I use Vonage which is $24.99 a month though if you rarely use the home phone they have a cheaper package.

My internet costs are high but because the hubby works from home, we use business class service. I think $75 for phone abd internet seems reasonable.

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