Sunday, December 6, 2009

One Good Thing about the Cold Weather . . .

 . . . Is that when I have a whole list of errands to run, I don't have to put the most tedious of the errands, grocery shopping, at the bottom of the list.  I can do it first because it's just as cold outside as it is in my refrigerator/freezer.

What is it about grocery shopping with two kids in tow that is so stressful?  I guess it's because I need to think.  And the non-stop chatter/reaching out and grabbing things/asking for everything they see is just not conducive to smooth mental functioning.  But at least when it's winter, I can get it out of the way first, when I have the most energy and patience.

Hey, you gotta find something good about winter because scraping ice off your windshield ain't it.   :)

Photo Credit:  "It's Cold!!" by Mr. T in DC on Flickr


Anonymous said...

Luckily I now live in a spot where I don't have to do much scraping. I definitely don't miss it!

Anonymous said...

I've been enjoying the cool weather and snow up here in Montreal!

Finally created a blogroll and added you! Not sure why I didn't "follow" you before since I've been getting your posts by email all this time, but I'm doing that now, too!

The Original Wombman said...

I wouldn't miss it one bit either NGB!

PGL, my son is so excited about snow. I'm trying not to be a killjoy! Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!! :)

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