Monday, June 1, 2009


Give thanks to Raet, for this . . .Growing up in the South Bronx, the corner store aka bodegas were part and parcel of our daily lives. After I became interested in eating healthier foods, it never ceased to amaze me the amount of straight CRAP to be found at the bodega. I'll never forget the years of lugging my shopping cart to the subway (which is above ground in most of the Bronx), to take the train all the way down to 72nd Street to either go to Fairway or some of the nearby health food stores (many of which have closed down now) just to get some bread made with whole grain flour and no high fructose corn syrup and some soy milk. Things haven't changed much at the bodega even though it's years later. Luckily, the grocery stores like Pathmark, Western Beef, Bravo, C-Town (come on, hood folks, you know these are your grocery stores), are doing a little better and you can at least get soy milk there (albeit for double the price as at Whole Foods).

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