Thursday, September 10, 2009

I almost want to whisper this blog post . . .

met up with the school where i was supposed to be teaching crochet starting next tuesday . . . only one person signed up so the class is a no go

joined a buddhist organization in april though i'm not an organization person . . . one of the leaders gave me a task to do . . . basically calling members to renew their subscriptions to the organization's publications . . . i personally can't wait for my subscription to run out . . . how hypocritical of me to call harassing encouraging members to renew when i don't even want to . . . not to mention i'm not comfortable calling complete strangers (for the most part) and i have very few moments to make uninterrupted calls . . . moments that i'd rather use reading blogs or knitting . . . there's a meeting tomorrow at seven o'clock in the evening about twenty minutes from here and even though i said i wouldn't be able to attend because it's too late, they're acting like i didn't say anything . . . i'm trying to do the organization thing . . . i enjoy certain aspects of it but i hate the pressure . . . i hate feeling pressured . . . i like my freedom to come and go as i please . . .

(((sigh))) i'm trying to keep my spirits high but . . .

i almost want to whisper this blog because i don't want to complain . . . complaining is useless and i feel like i end up doing it too much . . .

i'm changing directions completely . . . i won't be trying to teach crochet anymore . . . i'm doing it strictly for fun . . . not sure what to do about this organization . . .

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I got the opportunity to meet with some of my former professors during the last few weeks to try to figure out how I could break into academia, i.e. earn my doctorate. Both of them suggested that I need to get back into the classroom and teach for a few years before I make that leap. Both of them said that becoming an adjunct professor right now is Tough with a capital T. They gave me good insight and I really enjoyed meeting with them but honestly, I can't see myself back teaching children.

Well, my sister, wonderful treasure that she is, pointed this program out to me. It's perfect in that it combines something I'm passionate about (education) with something I'm interested in (anthropology). It helps also that I already have an advanced degree in education. I'm very interested in education as it relates to boys so I even have some idea of what my focus will be.

I had already determined that the next school I go to would have to be a top tier school--no more public colleges for this sista (both undergrad and grad were public). I need the resources that top tier schools can offer. I no longer have the will or the time to scrap around making opportunities. I want opportunities to already be there. Does that sound snotty? I really don't care. I know what it's like to struggle through school and then struggle after school. No network. No help. Not fun.

So, it looks like I've decided to go back to school. I have no idea where the money will come from or how it will even work out. Or when it will happen. But that's my direction now.

It's good to have direction.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Why are their panties in a bunch now??

Is this the speech that some conservatives are all uptight, upset and in arms about? I don't keep up with the news and politics further than what I read on folks' blogs and wha interesting headlines my eyes happen to fall upon as I check e-mail and such. I couldn't miss all the racket conservatives and anti-Obama folks have been making over Obama having the gall to *gasp* give a back-to-school speech. The speech itself, is classic Obama style anyway, i.e., a pep-talk. A very well-written pep-talk. It's just not that serious.

The article I linked says, "Much of the brouhaha could have been avoided if 1) there were other news last week" So interesting . . . I guess the U.S. is the only place in the world and since "nothing was going on" here, nothing was going on anywhere. (((Sigh))). The silliness continues.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Do people still use computers?

It seems like these days, all the things people used to do on computers, they now do on their Blackberries or other similar devices. Texting is the only way some people seem to be able to communicate effectively and for a pre-paid cell phone user like myself, it's annoying. Not to mention I feel like I got left back technology wise.

In addition, we don't currently have cable which makes for very little to watch on television. The hubby is quite pleased with his Netflix because he's a huge movie watcher. Me, on the other hand, I like to watch the Food Network, HGTV, and DIY Network primarily so Netflix isn't really doing much for me.

So sitting around thinking of ways we could cut costs or at least keep them the same while still having internet access, some cable and up-to-date cell phonery. I'm drawing a blank. Right now, we're paying about $75 for home phone and internet service. The hubby put $50 on his cell phone about three months ago and still has a ton of minutes left. I put $100 on mine around the same time and I'm still rocking with them although I use my phone much more than the hubby to coordinate playdates and such. You really can't beat that in terms of frugality. So, I think we'll just have keep things the way they are. (((Sigh))) Folks keep talking about getting rid of their home phone service and saving money that way . . . but I don't see how. I must be missing something somehow.

Anyway, hope everyone enjoyed their Labor Day Weekend! Now back to work!!
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