Friday, October 9, 2009

Mamas, help me out!

Z2 is waking up at all hours of the night. He wakes up crying and upset and will not be consoled even if I bring him into our bed. For the past few nights, he has literally be sleeping in my arms for hours. I thought we had gotten over this stage long ago. He's not looking to nurse. He just seems to have a difficult time staying asleep. He's 21 months. What could this be and what can I do? I am so sleep-deprived and now I feel another sinus thing coming on. I need to sleep!!! Help!!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A few reviews and a few realizations

Okay, so ever since the hubby signed up for Netflix, I've been able to do a few workouts (DVDs that stream over the internet). Here's my (quick) review of them.

Self: Slim and Sleek Fast!
I did this one today and really enjoyed it. It had a lot of ballet type moves in it so it was a very graceful workout. I sweated a good amount without really knowing it (i.e. I didn't suffer through the workout). The instructor cued well and it was about 30-35 minutes in length. If I had one complaint, I'd say it was a bit too repetitive. Otherwise, this one is perfect for days when I don't want to go all out but I still want to feel something.

Crunch: Boot Camp Training
I thought this one was a lot of fun too. Like Self: Slim and Sleek Fast!, it wasn't the most intense workout ever, but I did sweat enough to call it a workout. The moves were varied, the instructor was enthusiastic and I felt strong after. Another 30-35 minute offering.

10 Minute Solution: Carb Burner
Though the instructor reminded me of a soccer mom, this workout really got your blood pumping. I can see now that I am moving on to being intermediate to advanced in my fitness level so this one, again, was not as intense as I could have handled. Still, it was fun and because each workout is 10 minutes, it was easy to stay engaged.

Crunch: CardioSculpt
Also a lot of fun mainly because the moves were ones that I have never seen before. I love the British instructor (LoL) and I had a good time doing this workout. Again, again, again, not as intense as I could have handled but definitely one to keep in the rotation.

Crunch: Super Slim Down
This workout combines yoga and pilates. It was fun but really only makes sense to do on a super, super light day. I enjoyed it though and look forward to doing it again.

Right now, my most challenging workout DVD is Women's Health Train for Your Body Type. When I am through with this workout, I *know* I have worked out. And I love it.

Those are the reviews. What are the realizations?

First, exercise is not enough for me. I have to change my diet to lose the weight. I know that means cutting down on carbs and increasing my lean protein. I tried to do turkey slices, I really did . . . I can't. It grosses me out. I haven't tried chicken and I don't want any prepared chicken (i.e. chicken already cooked that you just buy). But the hubby will not tolerate all out meat cooking in the house (he is tolerating fish and tuna right now but is super anal about me washing the pots and spoons well). If I'm going to eat chicken and turkey, it would have to be stuff that I cook like chicken soup and things like that.

Secondly, I really enjoy exercising at home using DVDs. As such, things like P90X are looking rather appealing to me. I know P90X comes with a whole eating plan and such . . . I wonder if I could swing it.

I'm also really pleased at the fact that my arms and shoulders are looking so much more shapely and cut up. Under the extra weight I'm carrying, I feel lots of muscle tone which is freaking great.

Also, on the silly side, it really tickles me when I see the background exercise people on certain DVDs as the front people on their own DVDs . . . it's even funnier to me when I realize they use the same names. I don't know . . . I guess it fun to see that they have what it takes to *really* do the workout (especially if the background exercise person was doing the modified/easy versions) of the workout.

That's it for tonight. I'm tired. Tons of poopy diapers today. And Z2 did not nap. Not once. Good night.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gotta Love the Thrift Store

So today I dropped off two bags of clothes at the thrift store. Since it was half off day, I decided to run in and see if I could find a pair of corduroy pants. After a little searching, as luck would have it, not only did I find one pair, I found two pairs of size 12 corduroy pants by St. John's Bay. Both are cotton with a tiny bit of spandex which means that they fit fabulously. And they do fit rather nicely, I must say. One pair is dark brown and the other pair is a tan. Both of them together cost me about $8.00

Yay for a good thrifting day!!

I hope the person who gave these away lost weight and they didn't fit well anymore. And yay for the fact that I am solidly and officially a size 12 in most lines of clothing! Most of the clothes I gave away today are simply too big. And that's wonderful. :)

Monday, October 5, 2009

What's in a name?

Recently I have been contemplating changing my name. Well, maybe not changing it but adding a new first name.

I've been meaning for some time to blog about the difficulties that present itself when your name is totally foreign and, at that, difficult for many Americans to pronounce. It's like a running joke--any time someone pauses or gets a quizzical look on their face, it's my name they are trying to pronounce.

And now you're like, "Chi-Chi isn't hard to pronounce."

Well, Chi-Chi is only my nickname. My given, formal name is really a mouthful. Even the hubby can't get it out without stumbling and we've been together almost 7 years.

And I love my name, I do. It's elegant and full of meaning. It sounds beautiful. But practically speaking, it is a handicap. Since most people can't pronounce it easily, I'm often forced to give my nickname which often gets chuckles or makes people think of a stripper or a little cute kid. Or I have people call me Ms. (My last name), which is sometimes formal and stuffy.

If I were to change my name, it would still be something Igbo but something a bit more pronounceable such as Chioma or Amaka. But I don't know . . . re-naming myself doesn't feel genuine. I know a few African-Americans who have changed their names to throw off the name the slavemaster forced them to take and re-connect with their African roots. I get it. But changing a perfectly good name for convenience? I don't know.

And Igbo people do not name their children lightly! For Igbo people, an name is really a prediction and a prayer. My mother almost died giving birth to my baby brother who was born prematurely. The names they gave him reflected the fact that God did a miraculous thing in that both of them are alive till this day. And my name, which means God abides with me, is a testament to the fact that when I was born, my parents had only been in this country for only a few months. They knew no one and could rely on no one except for God. My middle name? "The one God has given me". My parents lost their first child, a son. In Igbo culture, names are extremely important. Very significant.

I suppose that even with a name like "Chi-Chi" most folks still do take me seriously. But I also realize that I do work hard to make sure I am taken seriously right off the bat. I don't giggle along when folks laugh and I'm quick to say it's a nickname which generally prompts the giggler to ask my real name. Then all the giggling usually stops.

Well, my name is really, really long as it is since I chose to hyphenate instead of drop my maiden name. I mean, how long can a name really be? But it would pain me to drop any of my names. And it would be a huge dishonor to my parents.

So what's in a name? Plenty.
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