Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I know I'm not the only one that gets a little annoyed at all the hysteria surrounding impending snowstorms. The news gets everybody so incredibly hyped up--as if we all just moved here from Nigeria yesterday. It's the northeast, folks. We get snow! It's pretty much a guarantee. It may snow a lot. It may snow a little. Either way, we could keep it moving, pretty safely and smoothly at that, if these news people would just stop playing on peoples fears and emotions. If it's an issue of preparation, we live in the northeast. One of our hazards is blizzards. Snow should not be a surprise. As such, everyone should have some kind of preparation for a blizzard in the event that our movement is severely impeded. Enough food to keep you for a few days, at the very least. I mean, be prepared so you don't have to scramble around getting prepared. That's stressful. That causes hysteria. And it's never a good look.

Personally, I'm done with the snow and hope this is the last major snowstorm for the season. It's a great day for lots of tea and hot chocolate and some wonderfully warm baked something.

Photo Credit: "Mendon Ponds in a Blizzard" by Dalboz17 on

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puregoldlady said...

lol. I am so with you. hehe...but in defense of all the hysterical people, I was like that the whole time I lived in Boston. hehe. Hysteria is contagious. It took moving to Canada where people shrug at snow for me to get a more nonchalant attitude. Plus, up there the news is not constantly giving the impression that "WE'RE GOING TO DIE! THERE IS A SNOWSTORM! BUY ALL THE FOOD IN WALMART!"


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