Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Itching for some more piercings

I really love piercings.  I'm pretty sure it has to do with the fact that I was not allowed to pierce my ears as a child.  I recognize that but nonetheless.  

When I hit 18, the age of consent, I immediately got my ear lobes pierced.   Then I got another piercing in the cartilage at the top of my right ear.  Then another in my tragus.  Then I got another piercing in each one of my lobes.  If I didn't have allergies, I would have gotten my nose pierced.  (Boy, can you imagine sneezing 33 times in a row and wiping your nose and blowing and all that allergy bull-excrement with a nose piercing?  Not pretty!)

But I don't feel done yet!  Recently I've been feeling the itch to get more!  I definitely want a piercing in my right ear rook.  And another piercing in each one of my earlobes.  (Here's a guide to ear piercing.)  So that's three more piercings.  I've mainly had my other piercings done with a gun but this time, I'm going to go get them done with a needle professionally so I need to save up the money. I'm going to get them all done at the same time.  Probably soon.

I thought by now I'd be thinking about tattoos but honestly, they don't appeal to me much.  I don't know why.  I love to see them on others but the process of getting them on myself is the deal-breaker. But if I did get one, it would be a lotus flower on my ankle and/or probably some kind of artwork in tribute to my babies.

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navelgazingbajan said...

I used to consider getting piercings other than the single pair of holes in my ears and a tattoo or two. I never did. However, I think I've gotten to the point where those things don't matter too much to me. Although I do find a beauty in the artistry that can result when other people do it.

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