Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Unlikely Expressions of Self-Love II

As mothers of young children, it's often easy for us to relegate ourselves to last on the list.  We realize that our children need us for every little thing and it takes a lot of energy and a lot of time.  It doesn't matter if we are stay-at-home mothers or work-out-of-home mothers, the time we have to focus on ourselves is limited.  

I find it encouraging to do little things that don't take much time that express to myself that I love myself.  I wrote about one unlikely expression of self-love a few months ago.  Recently, I've incorporated another unlikely expression of self-love.

Pre-kids, I used to spend at least an hour a week giving myself a pedicure.  This included soaking my feet, scraping off old skin,  massaging and moisturizing and painting my toenails.  Having good-looking feet was (and is) a high priority to me.  But, as much as I'd love to do that now, it's just not possible.   So recently, I've been taking one minute while in the shower to take care of my feet.  All I do is take a pumice stone to each foot for 30 seconds each.  I do it towards the end of my shower so that my feet are very wet.   Once I come out of the shower, I just apply shea butter/moisturizing lotion and I'm good to go.  It's very simple and over the course of a few days, it has left my feet supremely soft.  Here are some detailed instructions on how to do it properly

Sometimes I feel like I need to hurry out of the shower.  I have to cook breakfast.  There are diapers to wash.  Laundry to fold.  Programs we need to get to.  Groceries to be bought.  And the list goes o n and on.  But I have made a habit of talking with myself (not out loud--I haven't cracked up to that extent yet) and ask myself, "Can't you give yourself one minute?"  The answer is always yes.

And I'm sure I didn't spend more than $2.00 for my pumice stone (which is just like the one pictured) at the local beauty store (not $14 like the one I linked to).  

Having soft, touchable feet can be achieved cheaply--both in terms of time and in terms of money.  A wonderful expression of self-love indeed.

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