Monday, April 19, 2010

Give thanks!

Amongst RastafarI people, often times you can hear the phrase "give thanks".  Ones and ones will say "give thanks" instead of "thank you" when someone does something for them.  When I started trodding RastafarI, this was one part of the RastafarI vernacular (aka I-Speak) I adopted first.  I love the significance of it.

The term I&I represents so much:  the union of human to human and the union of all humans to the Highest I (Jah).  Wrapped up in "I&I" is an acknowledgement of that deep mystery of our interconnectedness but also our strive to be wholly united with the Divine.   Saying "give thanks" harps back to that.  When someone says "Give thanks" he or she is not only thanking you for your good deed but thanking the God in you and thanking the Highest I.  He/she is also giving you a command, reminding you to give thanks even as he/she is giving you thanks.  Wrapped up in those two words is a profound offering of gratitude and a beautiful expression of humility and a call to worship.  

So to all you beautiful souls who read my blog, GIVE THANKS!

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