Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Month for Chalean Extreme!

This week I started The Lean Phase of the Chalean Extreme program.  I'm loving it despite the fact that each workout is about 15 minutes longer than the workouts in The Push Phase.  I'm sore in some very good ways.  The only issue with lifting heavy weights is that I get a whole lot of painful tension jammed in my shoulders.  Going to the chiropractor helps but I haven't really had the time to get there.  I should though.  In addition to working on The Lean Phase, I'm also sticking with Ab Ripper X.  I tried Chalean Extreme's "Extreme Abs" workout but it creates a lot of uncomfortable neck tension.  I hate sit-ups and sit-up like exercises so Extreme Abs is not a good fit.  I'm not thrilled about continuing with Ab Ripper X but I'm starting to see some real improvements.  The Fifer scissors are my biggest struggle but I'm able to do 10 in a row, take a break for 5, and complete the last 10 with my legs completely straight.  This is good progress for me.  I can do in-and-outs with my arms up which I discovered last week!  I mean, there's so much that I can do now with this workout that I couldn't do before--and I love it!  So I'm going to work on mastering Ab Ripper X.  I'm very pleased with the results doing it are yielding. 

Oh, and I've also been making more of an effort to eat more lean protein. I think that's making a bit of a difference too. 

I also realized just a few days ago that a 5K race is just a little over 3 miles.  I'm looking forward to finding a race and training for it just to see how I will do.  I ran 2.5 miles this morning . . . it was kind of rough because I was trying to do it within a certain amount of time (30 minutes).  I just  really want to see how much I can do if I focus and train. 

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