Sunday, October 31, 2010

Something as small as a mouse . . .

Can totally change your computer experience!  

The scroll ball on the Apple wired mouse that came with our computer hasn't worked properly in ages. Very cute mouse.  Very annoying problem. I had tried to correct it and searched online for what could be done.  Apparently, it was just dirt gunked up in the scroll ball.  You can't take the mouse apart or really get in around it to clean it.   So I followed a suggestion I found:  I'd use a cotton make-up removal pad lightly soaked with alcohol and roll it around on that to clean it.  It would be good for a day or two then it would go right back to being non-functional.  Eventually, I gave up on the scroll ball altogether.  Who has time or energy like that?   

I'd been holding out on getting a new mouse because, technically, that one worked.  I mean, it would scroll up (sometimes) and you could navigate around the computer.  But after a few years, I decided to get a new mouse with a scroll wheel that works!  I was really getting tired of clicking a page, taking my hand off the mouse and then using the arrows to  scroll so I could read something.  I'm downright ecstatic at having a scroll wheel again and I'm also thrilled that I can left click again (which I didn't even think I missed all that much until I could do it again).  There's only one button on the Apple mouse and if I wanted to left click something, I'd have to hold command and click.  Hooray for eliminated steps! 

If you are interested, I purchased the
Kensington K72213USA Mouse-in-a-Box Optical 2 USB Mouse (PC/Mac) for almost $13 on Amazon.  There were pricier mice but this one got pretty good ratings.  It works great right now--really smooth operation.   I just plugged it in via USB and it worked!  No software to install--plug and play. Let's hope it stands the test of time.  

So yes, it's good to make do with what you have especially if it works--even if it doesn't do all the extra things you'd want it to do or look the way you would want it to look.    You profoundly appreciate it when you upgrade. 

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