Saturday, December 4, 2010

Russian Blue

A couple of weeks ago, we got a Russian Blue cat.  The hubby thought it best to get another cat quickly so that we wouldn't feel the loss of Sophia so strongly and so the mice wouldn't get excited and come back.

Our new cat's name is Nora, not that she cares.  She's like the polar opposite of Sophia and it's been quite an adjustment. Whereas Sophia was not affectionate (would sometimes scratch or nip you if you tried to pet her), Nora always wants to be petted and loves to be around us all the time.  She often gets underfoot though which is driving us crazy.  But she's a beautiful cat with a sweet demeanor.  I really just like to look at her . . . she's that pretty.  And for some amazing reason, she doesn't drive my allergies crazy unless I stay really, really close to her for a long time.  That's a huge plus.  

Bringing Nora home drove home the point that you can't ever really replace another living being that meant something to you.  I sometimes worry about the hubby going through with the vasectomy thinking that if we had the great and unimaginable misfortune of losing one of our children, we wouldn't have the option to have another.  But even if we did, just from seeing how I feel about our cats, it wouldn't, couldn't make up for the loss.  

I wanted to share a picture of Nora with you all but it's daytime and she's under something sleeping.  When she gets up in the evening to eat, I'll see if I can catch her.  

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