Monday, December 20, 2010

Too Fast!!

I am, by nature, a very impatient person.  I am also not a procrastinator.  I like to get things out of the way.  As quickly as possible.  I call it efficiency, that is, getting things done.  But, as most everyone can attest, when you increase efficiency, you have to sacrifice something.  For businesses, what's first to go is quality (especially in the customer service department).  In my personal life, most of the time what goes is thoroughness.  Things get done well enough.  Not perfectly.  It's the complete opposite of the hubby who takes forever to do things but does them with careful attention to detail.  As a busy mom though, sometimes efficiency is just what is needed.  I simply can't take a long time to do everything I have to do or else the stuff just wouldn't get done.  

But there is one area that I really need to focus on:  my eating.  Like everything else I do, I eat fast.  I mean, I inhale my meals.  Mealtime is over in about five minutes, generally speaking.  Yes, because of Weight Watchers, I spend time to plan out what I eat but the actual eating is a blur.  To compound the program, I usually like to read a magazine or a book while I eat.  No matter how spectacular the meal, it's over before I can really enjoy it.  To achieve efficiency, I sacrifice my enjoyment of eating, my observance and appreciation of the finer points of cuisine and, perhaps most detrimental, complete and thorough mastication.  

I'm trying to change this.  I am determined in this new year to really learn how to savor and enjoy food.  I realize that eating fast affects how well I can digest food (and my digestive issues are what caused me to start thinking that how I eat is probably just as important as what I eat).  I'm trying to not do anything else but eat at mealtimes.  No computer, books or magazines.  I would like to make my eating a practice in meditation.  This means becoming more consistent with offering thanks at the beginning and end of each meal.  This means really being mindful of what I'm eating and how I'm eating and what it feels like the whole time.  I want to really enjoy my food and stop eating for efficiency, i.e. just to get it over with and move on to the next "task".  I want to recoup all the sacrifices I have made in the name of efficiency when it comes to eating.  


Leah Bayaka said...

Thank you for this. Mindful living is incredibly important and includes simplifying life down to the each moment; whether we are eating, walking, cleaning, relaxing. I enjoy reminders about mastication which, if done right, enhances digestion and absorption. Two Thumbs Up!!!

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Good Idea! Though you are making me feel guilty about eating while I'm reading this...

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