Thursday, January 28, 2010

I think it's so stupid

When folk's on these "Redesign my Kitchen" shows say that they eat out most of the time because their kitchen is so "outdated" and "non-functional" and "old". That is such American foolishness.

So what if your stove doesn't light without a match/lighter? Does it light at all? So what if you don't have a "working triangle"? You have a stove, a sink and a refrigerator. All within a few feet of one another no matter the configuration. One couple actually said they couldn't make a roast because of their "antique" oven--while they still had all the shelves in it. (((Sigh))). As if in the "olden days" folks didn't make roasts.

A nice looking kitchen doesn't make a good cook. A nice looking kitchen won't eliminate laziness. Sure, it's nice to have a nice looking kitchen but let's not blame the kitchen for the fact that these days, in this society, convenience and laziness rules the day.

That's all .
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