Friday, April 16, 2010

Something New . . . P90X

Life has been so hectic around here.  I feel like the things I enjoy doing are getting a tight squeeze while the thing I need to do multiply.  

Anyway, I started P90X.  This was after a great degree of deliberation on my part because of the cost.  A few weeks ago, I purchased the program from someone on Craig's List for $75 and was thrilled to have gotten it at such a low cost.  Everything looked legitimate until I started reading some of the materials and noticed tons of typos. After really looking closely and viewing the DVDS (some of which won't play right on my computer),  I realized that my set is a really high-quality bootleg.  Bummer.  But whatever . . . it wouldn't keep me for doing it.

Then I realized I just wasn't prepared mentally to start.  I mean, they've hyped up the program so much I figured you already needed to be in tip-top shape to start.  I was reading the testimonials and blogs of triathletes and stuff and I got seriously intimidated.  All the "Bring It" language just shook me.  
This week, I finally felt ready to jump in.  I didn't do the fitness test (which gauges if you are in good enough shape).  I just started.

Day One (Sunday) was supposed to be Back and Chest.  I was turned off by the emphasis on push-ups and the fact that I didn't have my chin-up bar set up yet (that's a whole story in an of itself*).  So I decided to do Day Two which is Plyometrics.  It was a good cardio exercise but certainly not more challenging that Jillian Michael's Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism which I have been doing regularly.  Day Three is Yoga X and I went to my yoga class instead.  Day Four, I was  completely exhausted so I didn't work out.  Day Five (Thursday) I did Legs and Back (which used the chin-up bar heavily).  That was a lot of fun although I could have used more weights for the leg exercises.  I used a chair for the chin-ups and let me tell you . . . I'm still feeling it today.  Today was Kenpo X and I was not amused.  At all.  I felt  like I needed to do more cardio for today. I actually kept wanting to stop the DVD and put on Jillian Michaels to get a real workout. For my digestive health, I really need a good high impact workout . . . this week with P90X has been tough on my insides and I'm feeling like if I spend an hour plus working out at the crack of dawn it really needs to be complete and effective . . . not leaving me wondering how I can get in 20 minutes of jumping rope somewhere in between all the other stuff I have to do. (((sigh))).  To be fair, I did work up a sweat with Kenpo X and although I don't have a heart rate monitor, I know I wasn't at my target heart rate.  I could sing throughout the entire workout which means I wasn't working hard enough.  I really couldn't think of way on the spot to increase the intensity. I found  suggestions of adding weighted gloves, ankle weights or a weighted vest but honestly, I don't want to spend any more money on stuff and psychologically, I wanted this program to be complete. 

Right now, I feel like I bought into the hype and I'm not feeling so excited about it anymore.  Just before I started P90X, I discovered Jari Love and I love her routines (all strength).  Adding Jari Love in with my various cardio routines (jump rope, step, etc . . . ).  I was doing about 3 hrs. of weight lifting, 2-3 hrs. of cardio and 1-2 hours of yoga a week.   I felt like I was getting where I wanted.  But I don't know . . . it seemed like P90X was the pinnacle, a real challenge that would get me into the best shape of my life.

I'm going to keep going with it but wow . . . I usually don't fall for it but here I am.  I'm moving on to Week 2 and I'm determined to get through it to say I did it.  I'd like to be able to do push-ups and pull-ups unmodified.  That's really the only thing I can't keep up with.  

The hubby suggested that maybe I am in excellent shape right now.  Somehow, I can't make myself believe that all the way.  There's nothing to compare to except how it was when I started.  And I will readily agree that I've come a long way. 

I've also had a shift in the way I approach this exercise and fitness thing because I've come to terms with the possibility that my stomach will never be smooth and flat again.  Despite all this weight loss and all the toning I have done, I have a lot of saggy skin that splotchy and discolored.  I really thought that losing the weight and exercising would at least give me a stomach I wouldn't be embarrassed about if my shirt rode up or something.  It's okay though.  I have really tough days when I just want my pre-baby belly back.   Desperately.  But most days I'm okay.  I'm exercising now so that I will be strong throughout my (hopefully long) life.   

I will update periodically on P90X and my progress. 

*We already had a chin up bar installed in the bedroom which used to be the living room. Since I work out at 5 in the morning, I couldn't use it because the hubby and the kids are still sleeping when I'm working out. There are various ones on the market including ones that just go over the door (no drilling). I would have gone with an over-the-door model but many will not fit over the wider moldings typically found in older houses (like mine). Also, we'd like to spend the least amount of money and the kind of bar you drill is relatively cheap or if we just moved the one we have. So I'd been asking theo move the one in the bedroom or install a new one in the living room where I work out. It has just been one reason after the other:

1. Can you even do a chin-up?
2. Why can't you use the one in the bedroom?
3. Are you even going to stick with this work out?
4. I don't want to put any more holes in the house. (As a note, neither do I but I think this is a good reason to do it).

Etc., etc . . .

So I tried to do the workout that morning without the chin-up bar only to find that I absolutely needed it. I googled for over-the-door models that would work with my molding and came up with a few hits. Honestly, I knew I didn''t have the time to be buying different ones, trying them and returning them if they don't work. And from the reviews I read, most of them are hard on the house anyway (the padding doesn't do much).

I was already disappointed and annoyed that I couldn't get through the workout (although I did something else) and also pretty sad that I bought a pair of shoes for my son which he picked out and this morning all he did was complaining about them (now he loves them). Then I was trying to troubleshoot the chin-up bar thing again with the hubby only for him to keep saying, "Can you even do a chin-up? I want to see you do a chin-up? Can you even do the modification? I'm not sure if you're going to stick with this. I don't want to put holes in for nothing."

Despite the fact that I get up every day at 5 to workout. Everyday. I've lost 25+ pounds and still going. And because of my personality, I rarely give up without a damn good fight. I can do 3 sets of 8 modified push-ups now . . . when I started, lucky if I could get 5 push-ups done.  Anyway, it was annoying but to the hubby's credit, while I was out grocery shopping, he moved the chin-up bar and apologized. 
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