Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quick Little Hat!

I had the wonderful opportunity to go and visit my good (newlywed) sistren in California.  I had a great time on my first visit to California!

This despite the fact that the trip got off to a rough start.  There was a little mix-up and I missed my flight on Friday.  Priceline had sent me repeated emails saying my itinerary had changed and somehow I never looked closely enough at my departure time.  I thought the flight left at 10.  Turns out it took off at 6.  We were in the car at 7:00 AM ready to go when I finally realized it.  We went to the airport and fortunately, I ended up flying standby to Houston where there was a 2 hour layover.  From Houston, I flew standby again to San Francisco.  It felt like it took all day to get to Cali!  And I knew it would be a long travel so I brought ample reading supplies, what I thought was a good knitting project, and some new music.

Well, I finished reading Dreaming Me (review soon to come) and by that time, my eyes were weary.  I started in on the knitting and I don't know why I thought it was a good idea to bring lace knitting on a flight.  Decidedly bad idea.  So then I decided to listen to some music only to realize that I didn't properly sync my IPod!  So there was plenty of The Wiggles on there.  Not exactly what I wanted to be listening too. 

Anyway, I decided to hit up Michael's while in Cali so I could get some yarn (Paton's Classic Merino Wool in this colorway) and a crochet hook for the trip back.  I bought a skein of wool yarn and a G crochet hook, found a great pattern and printed it out.  
Since my trip back was an overnight flight (which, I realize, is preferable to me), I alternated between sleeping and crocheting.  This project was perfect for traveling and now I know what makes a good choice for travel crochet/knitting!

I love the color and I think it will be perfect for brightening up those dreary winter days.  I have a bit of yarn left over and I might combine it with some brown wool to make a short scarf (maybe a bowtie scarf or Bainbridge scarf).  We'll see.  This is the first project I have completed in month and it felt nice to finally get something done.  As an extra treat, I discovered a great show called Lie to Me--perfect to watch while I knit or crochet. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wow . . that's a lot!

I had my yearly physical today.  At last year's physical, I weighed 167 pounds.  This year, I weighed 126 pounds.  I lost over 40 pounds in a year!  The first ten pounds came off with exercise.  The last thirty, with Weight Watchers.  Forty pounds!  Wow, that's a lot.  I'm proud of myself but also very relieved.  I feel better and I think I look better.  This is the slimmest I've been since high school.  Actually, I've never been a size 4 before.  Even as a teenager, weighing 120-125 lbs, I wore a bigger size.  I was actually more curvy in high school than now--post kids.  It's really . . . interesting.  

Anyway, I'm determined to keep the weight off.  Five weeks maintaining with success!

I picked up The New Rules of Lifting for Women (which I *really* like) and I think I may start it in the winter.  I'm trying to decide between restarting P90x or this program.  One thing I know:  I love lifting weight and it's something I will always do.

I found out something else at my physical:  I have what's called diastasis recti.  Mine is moderate but according to my doctor, only surgery can correct it.  I have to say it was kind of a relief to find this out.  I has taken the pressure off in that I am certain that it's not that I did or am doing anything wrong or that I'm not doing enough.  I discovered the Tupler Technique which supposedly helps to heal diastasis.  I'm going to look into it. 

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