Sunday, January 2, 2011

Honey, I shrunk . . .

I went to the thrift store yesterday.  I needed to get out of the house.  I needed a break from the kids.  The thrift store was open . . . I went.  I found some great stuff too:

  • a wool jacket for Z2
  • a wool ear flap hat for Z1
  • a wool turtleneck sweater for me (I'm getting back into turtlenecks after years of avoiding them because I had a "fluffier" bust)
  • a pair of fleece pajamas for Z2
  • a down filled Land's End vest (which would go nicely over the turtleneck sweater)
  • a pillowcase I thought would fit my oddly shaped pillow (but won't)
I came home and tossed everything except the wool jacket and the pillowcase into the wash (I forgot the pillowcase).  I completely neglected to think about the water temperature and everything got washed on warm.  The wool ear flap hat and the sweater felted and shrunk.  I was crushed.  I still am.  I can't really place a finger on why it's bothering me so much.  I have accidentally felted things that I've made with my own hands and not been this upset.  I hope I get over it soon.

Meanwhile, I've been searching high and low for the second deck of the Kindergarten Brain Quest.  I don't know what the kids did with it but I do know I want to have a complete deck.  After days and days of searching and frustration, I'm just going to buy it again and relax about it.  After all, they have come out with a new edition.  I'm going to keep it out of their reach too.    Brain Quest is invaluable for long car rides and days when we are taking a break from the computer and the television.  I should never have left it in their room within their reach.

Maybe that's it . . . maybe it's a combination of things that is making me take the loss of the hat and sweater so badly.

Is it a sign that this is my first post of the year?  Something more upbeat later . .. 

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Leah Bayaka said...

Heck, I'd be so irritated at myself. There is nothing I like more than making HUGE savings. It feels so good and to have it rendered useless before use would set me off, so I can relate. I've done this type of thing as well, sure hated it. Not to worry! Maybe there was some serious bad energy on them from the previous owner. There are reasons for all things.

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