Friday, May 20, 2011

It's the End!!

So Shay over at BGIM reminded me that today is the day before the last day.  I am cracking up just typing that.  

I've seen the billboards while driving but I really just didn't care enough to investigate who was behind them.  Why?

This Harold Camping guy put me through a lot of shit already back in 1994.  I was getting ready to enter the 7th grade and this dude had me straight convinced that the world was most definitely coming to an end.  I'd listen to his call in show every night on Family Radio (one of the few radio stations that my parents sanctioned) before bed and hear this crazy nut case rant and rave about how according to his calculations, the world was coming to an end in September.  Right before the new school year started. 

Oh, to be sure, I was on my p's and q's.  I was praying.  Reading my Bible.  Fasting.  Getting right with the Lord.  Doing anything and everything I could to make sure that when Christ returned and the roll was called up yonder, I would be there.  I was worried, ya'll.  Stressed because despite knowing (or hoping with all my heart) that I was saved, I wasn't completely sure and what about everyone else?

My mom tried to reassure me.  Telling me that Christ would come back as a thief in the night and that no one knoweth the time nor the hour but boy, that Camping sure was convincing.  And I was impressionable.  

Look, man, I don't know why this dude is still on the air and why after the first prediction did not come true, they'd give this guy the platform to make another wrong prediction?  Who really cares if the world is ending tomorrow?  What can you do about that?  Who knows if the world will end at all?  They say all things come to an end but they also say that God has always existed and will always exist.  I mean, the whole thing is just so outside of our cognitive reach as human beings, does it really make sense to contemplate it?  

I certainly have better things to do with my last 24 hours.  

One thing I really loved when I was trodding RastafarI and I really like about Buddhism is the concept that judgment is not some impending thing.  Your judgment is already taking place the very moment you commit an act.  So I'm not worried in the least bit.  Let the cards fall where they may.   And I hope that on May 22, 2011, they finally kick this dude off the air.  Stop polluting our airwaves and giving people agita.  


I am the sum of my parts said...

I love the "new" (not sure how new it is... ) look of your blog. This is my first time on your blog site in AGES! I usually just read via my email. I remember laying in the dark from my teens to adult years hearing his family radio station blaring from my great grandmother's room... He had me feeling condemned after my first "marriage" ended in divorce. I remember moving back in with my grandmother and hearing him tell a caller that she needed to find her ex-husband and get back together because they were not really divorced in God's eyes... All I could think was what if he is a savage abuser??? but must admit I was at the same time wondering if i too was on the train to a fiery pit? I definitely realized the impact his words had made on my life over the impressionable years... "Thank you for calling and sharing..."

Monique said...

I imagine his listeners are mainly comprised of weak-minded people and people that just like to disagree with him. However, as you've stated, he clearly is no profit. Next year we'll have another prediction. 2012!

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