Saturday, July 16, 2011

Backing in versus pulling in

I was reading in last month's AAA magazine that a larger percentage of people [in NY] are backing in to parking spaces instead of pulling in to them.  I'm one of those people who, if I can, prefers to back in to a parking space.  Why?  Well firstly, I have children.  And children are short people.  If a short person were behind my car as I started to back out of a spot, I would not be able to see him or her.  Also, I have to drive by the spot in order to back in to it.  Therefore, I can be reasonably sure there are no people, shopping carts or other random stuff in the spot.  Secondly, I drive a car and not an SUV or other kind of high-sitting car.  If I am flanked on either side by a huge vehicle like a mini-van or SUV, if I have parked head-first, guaranteed I'll be pulling out of my spot completely blind. 

It takes more time, effort and skill to back in to a parking space (which I figure is good mental exercise and hand-eye coordination practice) but I really like how quickly I can pull out of the space.  Even though I don't talk about emergency prep stuff as much on this blog, it's still important to me.  I keep my gas tank half full and back in to parking spaces.  Which brings me to my third reason: should anything pop off, I'm out.  Fast.

I have one more reason:  I just like to be difficult different.  :b

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Dee said...

I prefer to back into spaces as well. It backfires on me when I need to get into my trunk and have limited space. (I have a minivan)

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