Tuesday, March 15, 2011

It's been a while . . .

I didn't realize I hadn't blogged in a month.  I've been really busy with my boys and life in general.  Also, I've really been suffering with digestive issues. Really suffering.  I cannot place a finger on what it is that makes me feel bad.  I have taken things out and put things back in.  Sometimes I feel better.  Other times I feel worse.

For the past week, I've been feeling much better but I don't want to get too excited.  I am eating a minimal amount of grains: some rye bread here and there (really just to finish the loaf I have at home and then no more of that), a small bowl of millet or oatmeal (once the oatmeal is done, I'm nixing that too).  No beans. (This is a definite:  no matter how the beans are prepared-soaked, fermented, whatever, my body does not know what to do with them.  Two tablespoons of lentil curry the other night had me gripping my stomach in serious distress--heck, even grain fed turkey is a problem for me). Very small amount of nuts and no peanuts (peanuts are legumes also and cause havoc in my system).  I'm keeping up with my probiotics and cod liver oil too with more consistency.  I feel good but I am tentative.  I know that it could slip back into feeling very bad, very soon.  Sadly, I almost expect it.

On Monday, I'm going to another gastroenterologist to see if I can schedule an endoscopy. I have very little faith in the medical establishment, all of who swear that my diet is ideal and "very healthy" even though it has been making me very sick.  But I'm going to do the endoscopy just fulfill all righteousness and say that I've done everything "medically prudent" to get better.  

Currently, I'm looking into the Paleolithic diet.  It's a bit overhwelming because it such a drastic departure from what I'm used to eating. Even more drastic than becoming vegan.  But honestly, I need to do what I need to do to feel consistently good.  I'm tired of feeling tired and sick.  I have no illusion like I did when I started eating a vegan diet:  I don't expect the Paleo diet to magically make my allergies go away, my vision improve, my hair grow in thick, my skin glow and become blemish-free.  But maybe.  Can't hurt to try. I'm moving gradually toward it.  Acquiring some cookbooks.  Reading as much as I can.  Trying to overcome the mental resistance to change.  And trying to be brave enough and generate enough energy to do it by myself (it would be so much easier if the hubby were doing it too--I am literally cooking twice as much these day: one meal for my family and one meal for me).  

Anyway, I just finished reading a very good book called Olive Kitteridge. Looking forward to reviewing it in a later post.  

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