Monday, August 1, 2011

Z1 is almost 6 years old and really likes audiobooks and music.  I'd been burning CDs for him and letting him use my portable CD player in the car.  Then, "somehow", the player got broken.  (I think Z1 got curious as to it's mechanism--he admitted to touching the lens despite or maybe because of the warning that said "DO NOT TOUCH" lens.  I should have known when he asked me what the lens was--I think I walked right into that one).  I was a bit upset.  I'd had the CD player for a long time and I was thrilled that it had lasted.  Plus, it was great that  Z1 could listen to his stuff and I could listen to mine.  Anyway, I wasn't willing to sacrifice listening to my music in the car so I decided to finally get a new 8GB Ipod for myself and hand down my 2nd Generation 4GB Ipod to Z1.  

It worked out fabulously!  He's got all his music and all his audiobooks on one compact device.  No more fiddling with CDs and CD books.  Good stuff!  Another perk?  He gets to work on alphabetical order each and every time he wants to find something.  We work on alphabetizing in a formal way as part of his spelling curriculum but it's nice to have a real-life application that he uses daily.  

I wish we had switched to the Ipod sooner . . . I may still have had my CD player.  But whatever . . . technology moves on and it's awesome to see sometimes how it simplifies life instead of making it more complicated.  

They Just Don't Go

This morning, I made a simple smoothie for the kids:
1 cup coconut milk (which, happily, Trader Joe's now carries)
10 strawberries
1 mango

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I split the smoothie between two cups and reserved about 1/4 cup of it for myself.  Then I thought that I'd like to have a smoothie too.

I went to my Weight Watchers recipe builder and plugged in the recipe.  One serving is 11 points!  I was very discouraged and ended up not making the smoothie for myself.  I gave the portion that I did drink 3 points though.  

I'm tired of tracking with WW but scared to stop for fear of putting weight back on. However, paleo eating and WW just don't go together.  You can't skimp on fat if you're going to do paleo and WW requires that you do just that.  I'm just hoping I'm getting closer to the point of abandoning WW and trying something else wholeheartedly.  
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