Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No Snacking!

Like most other folks interested in eating healthily and losing/maintaining weight, I bought into the whole idea of three main meals and two snacks.  Gotta keep that metabolism going so the prevalent thinking goes.

The trouble with me is that when I do snack, by the time mealtime rolls around, I am not hungry. I guess I eat too much at snack times but I realize I really don't like eating if I can't eat to satiation, i.e. till I'm full.  So snacking doesn't really make much sense for me, does it?  I also realize that I tend to snack out of boredom and habit.  I snack because food is there or because I'm in between mealtimes.  Basically, I snack for no good reason at all.  Does it really hurt me to wait one or two hours more to eat a legitimate meal? Absolutely not.  

My intestinal woes also provide another reason to stop.  I never can predict what a meal will do.  Will I feel awful after or will I feel just fine after eating a certain meal?  Since I have some much angst around food right now, there should be something pleasurable about eating and I think taking care of actual hunger pains is the something.  In addition, I honestly think my digestive system needs the time to break down foods completely (or as completely as it can) and it just needs to adequately rest between meals.  And, quite frankly, it's just more satisfying to sit down to a meal when one is actually hungry.  I tend to like to feel my stomach rumbling.  I like to hear my body communicating with me.  So many of the other communications are silent and I have to really sit still to figure out what my body is trying to say.  Hunger, on the other hand, is loud and clear.  I like to sit with the sensation.  I like to say, "Okay, hunger, I see you but you don't control me."  I like to not go scrambling for food when hunger first strikes.  I like to remind myself it is okay to sometimes be hungry.    

So I'm working on eliminating snacking for all these reasons.

What about you?  Do you snack? Why or why not?

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