Friday, June 22, 2012

Health is Wealth

Yesterday's dinner was really good: a chili made with grass-fed beef, bone broth and super fresh Swiss chard, green onions and white carrots from our CSA. I remembered to *not* use coconut oil in the chili (used olive oil instead) and I spiced it right. I paired it with a piece of yucca and it complemented the chili really well. I haven't made chili in a while after the last debacle (used coconut oil and the flavor of the coconut was overpowering--I guess something about the tomatoes intensified the taste). I was very, very happy it turned out right. 

But I was even more happy about was that after the meal, there was no intestinal distress.  No gas.  No bloating.  No feeling like complete crap.  I was hungry.  I ate.  I felt satisfied.  I wasn't hungry anymore.  I didn't spend the night gripping my stomach as it spasmed. 

I feel like I have come such a long way in terms of my digestive health.  It's almost miraculous.  I wouldn't say I am 100% there but for me, cutting out grains, beans, and legumes and following a mostly paleo diet (grass-fed/pastured meats and lots of vegetables and fruits) along with a gut healing regimen (probiotic foods like homemade yogurt and bone broth) has really been key.  It's taken time and I feel like there have been some setbacks as I figure certain things out (like I don't do too well on lots of raw vegetables and that some vegetables work better for me than others).  But at this point, I can have a few things that probably wouldn't make the paleo cut (like a pretty decent granola bar that had some grains in it albeit toward the end of the list or gluten free ice cream cones with coconut milk ice cream sweetened with sugar) and it won't send my whole GIT to hell.  Of course, I can only do this every so often but I'm glad that I can indulge sometimes.

You'd better believe that good gastrointestinal health makes it to the top of my gratitude list almost everyday.  I feel so blessed that I listened to my body, my inner wisdom had the courage to let go of ideals and what the mainstream touts as a healthy diet and pursue a diet, a tried and true ancestral diet, that is bringing me such healing and happiness.  I'm also so grateful to have sources of good food readily accessible to me.  Health is really and absolutely wealth.  
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