Friday, November 30, 2012


A while back I started buying Trader Joe's unsweetened coconut milk as an alternative to soy milk.  (For some time, I was buying hemp milk but it was expensive and my family didn't really love the taste.)  The coconut milk, however, they seem to like.  Since only the hubby is big on cold cereal (I only buy cereal for him), I put the coconut milk in porridge and smoothies for the kids or I use it when I make hot cocoa.  The TJ's coconut milk is about $2 for 32 ounces so it's a decent price--especially when compared to the hemp milk.  The only issue with the TJ's unsweetened coconut milk is that it's fortified with Vitamin D2 and also has some questionable additives such as carageenan.

I also buy the TJ's light coconut milk in the can which I use in cooking and baking.  It's not full fat coconut milk which would be preferred but it only has two ingredients: coconut milk and water.  And it's $1.29.  All of the brands of full fat coconut milk that I have found in the store also have guar gum as an ingredient and are usually $2 or more.  

So it occurred to me the other day that I could just dilute the TJ's canned coconut milk to use in cereal, porridge, smoothies, etc.  And it worked!  I do one can of coconut milk diluted with two cans of filtered water.  Diluted this way, the hubby says it's quite good on cereal (if you put it on cereal straight out of the can, it is too creamy and thick). 

It's a great solution:  no weird additives and cheaper.  
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