Friday, July 4, 2008

This week alone

I have cut four locks, each one excruciatingly thin at the root. I have determined not to cut this set of locks but I am facing the possibility that like in previous go-rounds, I will end up with only a handful of locks. So I'm going to follow this set of locks to it's natural end and then I will probably start working seriously on reversing some of the traction alopecia I'm experiencing at my edges and growing out my loose hair.

I'd be lying to say this doesn't bother me. But surprisingly, I'm okay. It's kind of like the allergies and the myopia--two challenges I'm dealing with in this lifetime. I've accepted them and now the challenge is to not let these things conquer or discourage me. These things are not what make me Chi-Chi. They don't define I.

On another note . . .
I used to shop at Whole Foods (Whole Paycheck) which is 20 minutes away by car for our organic produce and groceries usually racking up a $250 bill each time. I have since stopped doing that and now purchase most of fruits and veggies at the local Korean owned fruit and vegetable store. So, the produce is not organic or even locally grown. I'm trying to sort out in my mind whether it is better to buy this produce that is close to me, i.e. I can walk to get it or should I be making the efforts to drive (which ya'll know I hate) to farmer's markets to get locally grown. The question is: burn gas to buy locally grown food or walk to buy food that's been grown all over the world and shipped in? In my ideal world, my town or even the town next door would have great farmer's markets, great options. But that's not the case. One things for sure, buying fruits and veggies from a store close-by encourages us to eat more varieties of fruits and vegetables and keeps things from spoiling since I don't feel the need/pressure to try to buy a weeks worth of fruits and vegetables at once.

Update on Z1's potty learning . . . he's doing fabulously. He misses number 1's here and there but everything goes in the toilet now. Everything. And he generally wakes up dry in morning. As soon as Z2 is sitting up on his own, it's his turn.

Z1 also is developing a strong affinity for doing puzzles. Coloring and painting, not so much. I'm trying my best to not run out and buy him a whole slew of puzzles. I have a couple of notebooks around here--I'm going to draw the lines for beginning hand-writers so that we can begin writing letters. People are already starting to ask when he's going to preschool. I'm currently hemming and hawing about it. I know I'm going to homeschool him. I don't want to answer too many questions though.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

So indeed I finished my little hair net . . .

It came out quite nicely!

I used Patons Grace 100% mercerized cotton in black and an "E" crochet hook (my second most favorite hook after "F"). It took me about 2 days to complete it and it fits really well. I'm not entirely sure if the black will make me too hot if I'm in the sun but as I'm wearing it now, it feels light and airy. Man, how I love a quick project!
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