Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why I am "The Originalwombman"

I've had the e-mail address forever and folks always ask so . . . here's the reason I call myself "originalwombman". It's not the most creative of names but there's a deeply important reason (to me) why it's what I call myself.

A (long) while back I read a book called Sacred Woman by Queen Afua which influenced my life and how I saw myself as a woman. I learned to have a new respect and understanding of my womb as a source of creativity, grounding and healing.

I do believe that every human being is a unique light--never before seen, completely unique. Original.

Add to that the aspect of Black people, African people being the first people, the original people.

I believe it was Sister Carol, a reggae artist, who coined the phrase "Original Womb-man" to describe Aset (Isis), the Kemetic Goddess. Aset is a nurturer, mother, wife, healer. Divine. Clever.

And so, I call myself "the original wombman" for all these reasons but really all of us are "the original (insert loving, uplifting, self-affirming adjective here)".

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Ensayn1 said...

You know I bought that Sister Carol CD because she used the term original wombman. But, I first heard it from Dr. Jewel Pookrum and was so happy to see Sister Carol with it as part of her CD title. Either way, I have come to believe that Wombman is the real truth about the word Wo-man. It just makes sense!

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