Sunday, January 17, 2010


So, I've never had real gumbo like with real sausage and neither has the hubby but when I saw Vegan Dad's recipe for Gumbo with Vegan Andouille Sausage a few years ago, I was intrigued. So I made it bu I think I was the only one who liked it. Granted, I didn't have some of the ingredients then so that might have been the problem.

Well, on one of Z1's DVDs (don't ask me which one) they were talking about gumbo and so Z1 was nagging me to make some. Since we were in a kind of rut meal-wise (beans, beans and more beans albeit with a variety of grains and breads), I decided to make it again. This time, it was a real hit. I think I will make this more often with one modification and that is to brown the sausages before I add them to the soup. Even though the Andouille sausages were delicious, we all agreed: we didn't like the mushiness of the sausage in the soup. Browning them before adding them to the soup may help to keep them a little more firm.

Each serving of the gumbo was about 6 Weight Watcher's points each and since it's a very filling meal (lots of vegetables), that 6 really good quality points. I'm sure I'll make it again soon especially in these cold winter months (the pepper really warms you up).

It's the hubby's weekend off (and one of the very few where he's not working overtime) and I love to make comfort foods when he's home. Today, I'm making pancakes and tempeh bacon for breakfast (although I'm not having pancakes). I'm making pizza for dinner.


SagaciousHillbilly said...

Not much of a vegan myself, but man, that looks good.
I do cook a lot of purely veggie dishes. Recently made some killer egg plant curry.

Anonymous said...

Ok, I know that you're many miles away from where I am but I think you need to cook for me. This continual tempting of my tastebuds might compel me to show up on your doorstep one day with bowl in hand. LOL.

Looks delicious!

As I Cee It said...

Peace and Blessing...
This looks great... i am trying this this week!!!

Anonymous said... I'm hungry!

The Original Wombman said...

Thanks everyone!

Sagacious, eggplant curry sound delicious! We don't eat eggplant a lot so I'd be interested in the recipe if you would care to share.

NGB . . . I'd love too cook for you!! LoL.

As I Cee It, tell me what you think if you try it.

PGL . . . LoL!! You know, this gumbo reminds me so much of ogbono soup . . . maybe we'll have it with pounded yam instead of rice one day!

As I Cee It said...

Peace and Blessings
So i made the sausaged last night and the gumbo tonight, with corn muffins... WHEW it was THE BOMB!!!!
thanks for posting this...

Anaylli said...

Wow, this looks seriously good...
Great Job.

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