Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who's Afraid of . . .

the big bad flu?

Not me.

I don't know . . . my head is in a good place right now. Whatever this flu is or isn't, I know the best thing is to work on our immune systems. As usual, the *only* thing you have control of is yourself, your thoughts and your actions.

So, I'm regulating all sugar (even though we don't use white sugar, being easy with sugar is still best). I just ordered some sodium ascorbate (vitamin C) because we're running low. I was just reminded about the importance of the mineral selenium. We eat a lot of the foods that are rich in it but I may also get a supplement. I've got my echinacea and goldenseal tinctures at the ready and raw honey too. We get plenty of garlic in our food. We're drinking enough water. Getting our green smoothies and other fruits and veggies in. Exercising. Getting good sun. And just getting on with our lives.


Hagar's Daughter said...

Chi Chi,

You're right about keeping our immune systems in peak working order. That's one of the main reasons I stopped taking steroids like prednisone and I refuse to take immunosuppressant drugs.

I was told that the herb elderberry is great for the immune system when one is battling cold and flu.

lff said...

I agree; the hype around this flu is creating a lot of unnecessary fear and anxiety. We've been taking probiotics, which promote growth of the "good" bacteria to fight off germs. And they come in tasty orange bears and black cherry dinosaurs!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. I was starting to freak out for a few days but really if we think about it too long, we will go crazy. Eating good and good hygiene are what we should be doing no matter what.

OG, The Original Glamazon said...

Hey you! I miss you! I miss reading all blogs. I know I should write but blah...

You really make me want to up my intake game. I need to stop relying on supplements and really try to get it from the earth.


Anonymous said...

After dealing with conditions such as ringworm of the head on a child, the flu is nothing.


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