Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Hat for Z1

One key difference between making hats when crocheting versus knitting is the direction.  The vast majority of knitted hats are started from the brim and worked up to the crown.  Most crocheted hats, on the other hand, are worked from the crown down.  I prefer this top down construction for a number of reasons but most especially because you can control the size of the hat a lot more.  Also, if you're not sure if you have enough yarn to complete a project, it doesn't matter as much because you can stop wherever and have a finished hat. 

The vast majority of patterns for knit hats are bottom up.  A while back I found Karlchen, a pattern for a top down hat.  Well, it's not really a pattern but a schematic for making a top down hat.  I decided to give it a try to make a little quick hat for Z1.  I had this lovely red yarn lying around--the hubby lost the yarn label (this is what happens when a guy takes up crochet--he has no idea what's so important about the label) so I haven't a what it is but I have 2 balls of it.  It was wonderful to knit with--really lovely.  I used one ball for this hat.  

I did a very simple stitch alternating between 5-6 rows of stockinette and 5-6 rows of moss stitch (a sticth which I really like).  I had wanted to do some kind of cables but I had a very hard time figuring out how to do it.  I will admit that when it comes to designing in knitting, i.e. creating my own stuff without a pattern, I have a really difficult time.  This was one of those instances where my inability to design was frustrating and so I went with something basic and simple that wouldn't stress me out.  One thing that my knitting needs to be is relaxing. 

But I'm still itching to do some cables. 

And just like I refuse to knit sweater's flat (i.e. in pieces) I refuse to go back to knitting hats from the bottom up.  It just doesn't make sense to do it that way . . . well, at least not to me.  So since there are precious few hat patterns incorporating cables that are knit from the top down, I have to bite the bullet and learn at least rudimentary design in knitting or at least figure out how to convert some bottom-up patterns I like to top-down construction. Shouldn't be too hard, I hope. 

I think I hear Elizabeth Zimmerman calling but I don't want to answer!!

Oh, btw, Z1 loves the hat and is wearing it right now.  :D

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