Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Been on a forced hiatus . . .

 . . . from exercise.  And I'm feeling really bummed. I had two wisdom teeth pulled last Thursday and I thought it wouldn't be a big deal but one was really impacted and is causing me a lot of pain. I tried strength training on Monday figuring that would be low impact but as soon as the blood started pumping, my mouth started throbbing!  So I quit.  I don't feel that I'm addicted to exercise but I do feel really disappointed that I haven't been able to get it in.  I figure if I were addicted, I would probably have pushed through the pain. 

It's been almost a week of no exercise! And in my head I'm telling myself, "well once you heal you have to really go hard to catch up". But catch up to what? I know that I won't lose all the gains I've made in just a week of no exercise but I'm still very worried about it. I know how much work I had to put in to get into shape and I don't want to go back!

And to add to all this, Z2 is back to his old tricks.  He has been waking up at 6:00 consistently this past week. I usually wake up at 5:00/5:30 to meditate and journal then I start working out at 6:00. It takes me about 10 to 15 minutes to get moving in the morning so I really tend to put pressure on myself to get up at 5 so I get 45 minutes of meditation time.  (Getting up at 5:30 will only leave me 15 minutes.)   With Zephy getting up at 6, my exercise time takes a hit.  I've tried to work out with him around but I can't focus and get into the zone with him there.  He gets in my way, makes noise, and keeps asking for things so I have to stop repeatedly.  I really need him to stay down till 7!  I'm nervous that my working out will be totally screwed when I'm ready to get back in the game next week (hopefully)!  I'm thinking hard about what to do.  Put him to bed later?  That means less sleep for me too!  Try to skip his afternoon nap so he's exhausted at night?  He really doesn't seem to be able to stay up all day. Maybe I can break his afternoon nap?  No more than an hour?  

Anyway, how have you coped at times when you had to take a break from exercise (or anything else you usually do for you) due to injury, surgery or other life circumstance?


Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

I needed to read this right now. I, too, have become a little lethatrgic. But I don't have a good reason like you do. I'm just lazy. I usually cope with thick amounts of guilt and loathing. The real motivator is tighter clothes and the scale moving to the right.


Jennie said...

I exercise while still asleep. :-P I wake up at 5:15 and pull clothes on and go. By that time baby is usually in bed with hubby, so I leave them both sleeping and I go for a bike ride which is low impact enough that I don't hurt myself during the first 5 minutes.

The Original Wombman said...

LoL . . .SLSPE . . . indeed, that's a great motivator!

Jennie, I worked out first thing this morning and it was great. By the time Z2 woke up, I only had 15 minutes to go! I'm going to do it this way. I just have to be disciplined about doing my chanting and journalling after.

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