Thursday, August 5, 2010

Should I grow it out again?

I've been wearing my hair very short for more than a year now.  I think I'm approaching 2 years since Z2 is going to turn 3 in December.  Yesterday, the hubby cut my hair as he usually does every 2 to 3 weeks.  While he was cutting it, he suggested that come winter I try to grow it out again.  Initially, my reflexive response was, "No way."  But I let him continue talking.  He said that it's been a while and that I should give it another go.  Don't do much to it.  Just wash and wear.  I thought about it for a moment then I realized that I do have a job now and I have to go to work every week.  I mean, my job is very laid back but I still want to be neat and professional.  All the other times I have grown my hair out I was in school or just staying at home.  

Furthermore, and perhaps more importantly, I do not want to go through all this again.  My hair will grow out nice and full and then eventually start to break off.  I don't have the time, energy or the money to invest in trying out products and seeing what works for my hair, i.e. what might help strengthen it and keep it on my head.  The hubby seems to think that with all the exercise and because I'm eating differently, things may be different this time.  Maybe.  I don't much want to try.

The hubby likes this short cut on me and I think it looks good too.  But I know he would prefer it if I had longer hair.  I won't pretend that his preference doesn't play on my insecurities from time to time.  Now that I do have a lot of muscle on my body and the short cut, I often wonder if I'm giving off enough a feminine vibe.  It's amazing how much we associate softness and long hair to femininity. 

If my hair did somehow grow this time around and I let it lock, I would still be inclined to wrap my locks.  And I'm just not in the mood for headwraps at the moment.  Not to mention that for my face, I need styles that are not too big . .. a big, poofy afro just wouldn't work so naturally I'd need some headwraps and scarves to get me through that in-between stage.

In fact, I'm just comfortable with this style I've got going on right now.  Even though sometimes I wish I could do something different, this is very practical. 

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MyLoveMyLife said...

i say keep it short. i just cut my hair and im TOTALLY loving it. so i may be a little bias. look at my blog, iv got pics

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