Thursday, January 27, 2011

To Kick the Winter Blues

I needed to focus on something else beside snow.  So I started a fitness blog.  I'm really excited about it for two reasons.  First, I love to write about my fitness journey.  Secondly, I really hate cluttering up this blog with fitness (essentially making it a fitness blog).  I already have a whole bunch of ideas about what I want to write and do with the blog.  And it's an excellent outlet for me and something wonderful to focus on. So if you are interested, it's called The Daily Strive.  


The 21st Century Hippy said...

This made me smile in light of the post I made this morning - about keeping all the parts of "me" separate and allowing people to relate to me as they know me, but how few people really know "all" of me!

I haven't minded the fitness stuff at all, and I don't know you that well. I always love seeing people on healthy journeys and just rejoicing in all their bodies can do - in that regard, I feel that fitness and motherhood go hand in hand!

I don't have the brain power these days to maintain multiple blogs, and if that means people close out of some entries and stick around for others - or that they don't stick around, ah well.

Anyway, I'm not sure I can add another blog to my feed yet, so I might miss out on your journey!

The Original Wombman said...

I know! I had fought for the longest not to "compartmentalize" myself! LoL . . . but it's true that very few people know and can relate to "all" of me. I wasn't sure if I could handle all these blogs (I have a terribly terribly neglected homeschool blog). I'm still not sure. We'll see. It's helping me get through these winter days.

Thank you for letting me know you didn't mind the fitness stuff! I had 60 posts total out all the posts labelled fitness and that's out of a lot of posts! I really thought there would be a lot more. Anyway, fitness and motherhood do go hand in hand. I've learned so much doing both and they intersect in many ways.

I totally understand about not adding another blog to the feed!!! I periodically delete some and I still feel overwhelmed by the volume. But I'm very grateful that you subscribe to this one. Thank you.

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