Tuesday, August 9, 2011

What to do with the key?

Maybe for other runners it's not a big deal but for me, figuring out where to keep my house keys while on a run had my mental wheels turning.  At first, I figured I could just stick them in my bra as it had enough fabric and material to keep them (and the girls) from moving.  (It's an Enell bra so yeah, it didn't it was a stupid idea.)  Uhhh . . . yes, it was and you can probably imagine why.  Next I thought I could have it on my wrist on a coil key chain . . . that worked for a while but eventually it just go kind of irritating since the key wouldn't stay put.  Next, I tried the key chain that goes around the neck because surely that should stay secure but alas, no go.  Finally, I figured it out! I wear a Road ID bracelet when I run which means I don't bother carrying any other form of identification.  I took a key ring, hooked it on to the plastic loop of the bracelet.   After I fasten the bracelet, I tuck the key into the little loop that's made.  I then tighten the bracelet as much as is comfortable.  No matter how long the run, no matter how sweaty I get, the bracelet and the key stay put.  What's more, even when I'm not running--say just going to the gym--I grab the Road ID bracelet and my key is already attached to it.  It's all I need to take with me.  Anyway, I thought I'd share that for anyone else who maybe had a bit of difficulty figuring out what to do with the key when you're out for a run.

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Contentedly Crunchy said...

The key banging on my wrist would make me crazy! The two things I have done: 1) tie it onto my shoe laces. 2) My running shorts all have a little pocket on the inside the perfect size for a key or two!

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